Tomb Raider Could Be Getting a New Movie From Amazon Forming Plans for Potential Tomb Raider Universe

Tomb Raider Could Be Getting a New Movie From Amazon Forming Plans for Potential Tomb Raider Universe

Richard Walker

With a planned sequel to the 2018 Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander hitting the skids, Amazon could be looking to make a brand-new Tomb Raider film, according to a report, with a view to creating an expanded Tomb Raider universe across games, TV, and multiple films.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Amazon is looking to get a new Tomb Raider flick underway, presumably in tandem with the new Tomb Raider game it'll also be publishing, and a TV series in the pipeline from Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge. THR's report (via GameSpot) reckons that Amazon could be following the MCU's example, with a “connected world of Tomb Raider”.

Sources revealed to THR that Amazon has partnered with dj2 Entertainment on both the film and television series, with an investment rivalling its The Lord of the Rings stuff - among Amazon's “largest commitments”. Meanwhile, Netflix has its own Tomb Raider anime series in the offing, with Hayley Atwell as the voice of Lara Croft.

As for who will embody Ms. Croft in Amazon's film, currently, that's anyone's guess.

  • Nice!
  • Make it R rated in the style of that Tomb Raider reboot and ditch the whole Trinity crap. Else don't bother, it will either turn out corny like Angelina Jolie's flics or just meh like Alicia Vikander's movie.
  • Why does everything need to be a “connected universe” and “like the MCU”? Just make a damn movie, and if it does well, make a damn sequel. Stop with this churning out of endless, boring content just to make a “connected universe”
  • Totally agree Juggernaut. I really wish studios would focus on telling A story, and then if it does well continue on.
  • With today's entertainment industry. Lara will get the Velma treatment. She's probably going to be a race-swapped black lesbian.
  • So Amazon Prime. Still haven't watched the Disney Predator
  • @5: Is your source is you made it the f*ck up.
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