THQ Nordic Digital Showcase Airs on 11th August

THQ Nordic Digital Showcase Airs on 11th August

Josh Wise

THQ Nordic is getting ready for a showcase, which will presumably knock our blocks off with fresh looks at some of its upcoming games.

These include Alone in the Dark, the reboot of that storied (and troubled) series; Gothic, the reboot of that storied series; and Trine 5, the latest in that storied series.

According to THQ Nordic, the showcase will feature world premiere announcements, too, and let us all cross our fingers for a remake or reboot of Second Sight.

If you wish to watch the showcase live, when it airs today at 20:00GMT, you can do so in a number of ways:

In addition, publisher HandyGames will be doing a pre-show event focussed on indies, so tune in early if that’s your thing.

  • Jesus, Second Sight would be so awesome. Loved that game back then, my god.
  • I expect an new Destroy All Humans remake.
  • Timesplitters!!
  • Titan Quest 2 now that shocked me..
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