The Last of Us TV Series' Second Episode Breaks HBO Viewership Record

The Last of Us TV Series' Second Episode Breaks HBO Viewership Record

Richard Walker

Having attracted a staggering 18 million viewers within the first week of its debut episode airing, HBO's The Last of Us TV series has set a record for viewership of its second episode, which aired on on 22nd January.

Titled ‘Infected’, the second episode brought in 5.7 million viewers across standard TV channels and HBO Max during its first night in the US, making for a 22% rise in overall viewership compared to the premiere episode on 15th January. Variety reports (via GameSpot) that this is the all-time highest percentage growth for an HBO original show from debut episode to second episode.

The first episode of The Last of Us was HBO's second biggest series premiere since 2010 with 4.7 million on its first night, beaten only by Game of Thrones spin-off series House of the Dragon, which drew in 10.2 million viewers. However, the second episode of that show saw only a 2% rise in viewer numbers.

The Last of Us arriving on HBO (and other networks worldwide, like Sky Atlantic in the UK) has also boosted sales of The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation 5, contributing to a 238% rise in units sold at retail.

  • It's brilliant so far
  • @AntTheTitch, Did you play the original game? How do you like the casting choice.

    OT: Surprised to see all those positive reactions, every promo I see of it just looks very mediocre and the casting seems terrible. But might start it anyway once the whole season is online.
  • Actually fantastic start of the series so far, they are keeping it close to the source material while adding some new stuff on top.

    The reason for the positive reactions is probably part because of peoples low expectations (since most gaming related movies/shows have been awful) and part that it actually is very well made so far. The only one in the cast that feels weird is imo Bella Ramsey since her appearance is so different from Ellie in the game but she is doing a good job as Ellie in the show. Pedro is fantastic as Joel. If you haven't given it a spin I can strongly recommend it.
  • I am excited to watch this. We are going to wait until all episodes are out / released to start it though.

    Ever since i first played the game, I have always told people that The Last of Us had the makings of a successful HBO series, largely because of the cinematic nature of the storytelling.

    I'm glad to hear Pedro is pulling it off well. Bella Ramsey's face looks like a grubby foot with lymphedema, but what can you do. It's too bad they couldn't have shot this with Ellen Page as "Ellie." Yes, I know that Ashley Johnson did the voice and the motion capture. But it is obvious the former Ellen Page.

    Maybe if they make a season based on TLOU2, "Elliot Page" can get jacked and play Abby LOL
  • @2 I think they got Joel spot on, while Ellie doesn't really look the part she has got the characters mannerisms down perfectly
  • @4 Your jokes are cringe
  • @4 dreadnaught_

    LMAO; do not worry about the psych above me (that will not be named), your joke are fine, but on serious note, the one who gonna play Abby is one of three, chuck norris (on his prime) Bruce Banner (the green form), or Koba (Planet of The Apes).
  • It's been excellent so far and the actors have really meshed well with the characters they're trying to bring to life, Pedro and Bella especially. They've nailed it.
  • @7 Why are you afraid to name me? Is it because I hurt your feelings by calling out your poor grammar? Poor little troll
  • @4: Oh look someone wants to be edgy.
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