The Elder Scrolls VI isn't in Development for PS5 According to Microsoft FTC Document

The Elder Scrolls VI isn't in Development for PS5 According to Microsoft FTC Document

Richard Walker

It looks like The Elder Scrolls VI is going to be another Bethesda Xbox exclusive, like Redfall and Starfield before it, according to documents pertaining to Microsoft's legal case with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It appears there are no plans to bring the game to PlayStation.

The document in question was obtained by Axios' Stephen Totilo (via GameSpot), which reveals that The Elder Scrolls VI is seemingly only in development for Xbox and PC, with PlayStation absent from the lineup. It also notes that the latest entry in the sprawling RPG series won't appear until 2026 at the very earliest.

Given that Starfield released as a console exclusive for Xbox Series X|S, it should come as no surprise that The Elder Scrolls VI could end up ducking PS5, despite Bethesda Games Studio creative director Todd Howard remarking that the game being an Xbox exclusive would be “hard to imagine”.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also made comments regarding Elder Scrolls VI's exclusivity, remaining non-committal on platforms. "With Elder Scrolls VI, it's so far out--it's hard to understand what platforms will even be at this point," he said. "It's the same team that's finishing Starfield, which comes out this September. So we're talking about a game that's like five-plus years away."

With The Elder Scrolls VI as far away as 2026, it's hard to even conceive what's next, but Bethesda has said it's going to make Fallout 5.

  • I figured best case scenario this would come to Playstation at least a year after the initial release, but even then I would be quite surprised.
  • they can keep on xbox for all i care, just think of all the money they'll lose out.
  • Exactly what I expected, but yeah, will probably get a PS release years after it comes out on the Xbox. I'll be surprised if this even releases on current gen systems though.
  • Maybe the "But but but Microsoft would lose out on so much money if they don't put Elder Scrolls VI on Playstation" people will STFU for once.

    Anyone who was not a total drooling retard saw this coming.
  • Been upgrading the PC little by little in preparation. Just kiddin. Am a TES fan since Morrowind and I used to worry about this kind of stuff but these days so many great games come out. There won’t be a shortage. Also, this was the expected outcome.
  • Oh no.

  • Stink....guess I'll have to get Skyrim again for my Elder Scrolls fix lol.
  • It’s going to suck, Microsoft stifled Starfield, and it turned out garbage. Most basic, boring, soulless Bethesda game I’ve ever played.

    I don’t see how they are going to put in enough cash to develop anything worthwhile. Microsoft are killing off Bethesda just like they did with all of their other first part developers, give it a few more years and they will have taken the IP from Bethesda and crammed it with some cheap in-house team that can’t innovate. Like they did with Halo, and Gears.
  • Lol. So!? Redfall was terrible, Starfield is a bug riddled nightmare that may be solved by the time the 5th anniversary special edition comes out. No need for any Bethesda on playstation.
  • Meh, they can still port if over. I'd be surprised if development has even commenced into something resembling a playable game currently, so platforms are probably the least worry.

    Anyway, it's a Bethesda orginal. So PC and unoffical patches are the only way to go either way. :D
  • I'm shocked.
    Shocked I tell you!
    Well not that shocked.

    By the time it comes out, we'll be in the next generation of consoles. I don't expect it to come to the PS6 either. I do despise Phil Spencer for the lies about "no decision made yet." Just say it.
  • well considering all games that come out from bethesda are glitched buggy mess releases, i'm not that bothered. the only game i will miss is Fallout as those games are very enjoyable.
  • Some people here need to see their doctor, their salt levels are through the roof.

  • Well they have been bought out by Microsoft, so this was bound to happen.
  • To those trashing Starfield, clearly you haven’t played it or you went into it looking to not like it. Yes, gaming tastes vary, but it’s definitely NOT a static, soulless experience. It’s more immersive, to me, than Ragnarok was.
  • I am not getting your Only Fans... I mean XBox...
  • Shame, but not very surprising indeed.
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