Saints Row Roadmap Unveiled With Three Expansions and Two Free Districts Incoming

Saints Row Roadmap Unveiled With Three Expansions and Two Free Districts Incoming

Richard Walker

Deep Silver and developer Volition have revealed the 2023 roadmap for Saints Row, promising three major releases for owners of the Expansion Pass, as well as two free new districts to explore, and three quality of life updates. A free Dead Island 2 cosmetic pack for all players will also be available.

The Dead Island 2 Pack will land on 11th April, featuring items inspired by two of the game's six playable characters, Jacob and Amy, as well as a new weapon, new emote, and a flamingo hat and Carver the Shark statue to place in your Saints HQ. May will then see the arrival of a free update, adding the Sunshine Springs district in Santo Ileso.

The update will also include a combat overhaul, Selfie Mode, and other features and improvements. The same day will bring with it ‘The Heist & The Hazardous’ expansion, with three new story missions in Sunshine Springs, as the Saints take on an ambitious heist as payback for a double-cross orchestrated by a famous actor.

July is when the ‘Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus' expansion then drops, offering a new solo game mode, which we're guessing might be something like Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax from previous Saints Row games. Another free update with fixes, improvements, and features will arrive at the same time.

The third expansion will be coming in August, serving up the “final and largest pack” for Saints Row, with another free update adding a second new district and more quality of life improvements. Details on expansions two and three are being kept under wraps for now. You can take a glance at the full roadmap in the image below.

Saints Row is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, with all upcoming expansions available standalone or with the Expansion Pass.


  • Why?
  • I was hoping I wouldn't have to return to this game. It was just so bland and lifeless, couldn't have cared less about the characters or the story.
  • @N7MrChr15topher:
    Most importantly: because people paid for it. They sold the season pass and a includes-the-season-pass edition and some people are quite understandably a little bit miffed about there not even being a word about the promised and paid for content.
  • I'm wondering two things: Will they end up breaking the game with these updates, and will they include trophies?
  • Well good to see a season pass blow up in their face for once. Sends a good message to just make a complete good game instead of prematurely monetizing on it.
  • Wasn't Volition absorbed into Gearbox over what a failure they are? How is this being made by them?
  • @Cirative:
    It wasn't absorbed, it is still its own entity. Embracer holds a number of publishing labels/subsidiaries and they moved Volition from what was Koch Media (I think they renamed it at some point) to Gearbox.
    They basically got a new line manager.
  • My gliding and something else distance is stuck and still stick at a different distance
  • You couldn't pay me enough to play this garbage
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