SaGa Emerald Beyond Coming to PS5 and PS4 in 2024 With Six Protagonists and Five Stories

SaGa Emerald Beyond Coming to PS5 and PS4 in 2024 With Six Protagonists and Five Stories

Richard Walker

Square Enix has revealed SaGa Emerald Beyond for PS5 and PS4, an all-new adventure in the RPG series. Composer Kenji Ito will be back on-board to provide the music, while acclaimed illustrator Satoshi Kuramochi will be on artwork duties.

The core combat and “free-form scenario elements” SaGa is known for will be present and correct, with an eclectic cast of heroes from different worlds cropping up across five dramatic stories. You'll be able to choose from any of the six protagonists, then follow mysterious emerald waves to 17 fantastical worlds.

SaGA Emerald Beyond will see you encountering diverse races, monsters, mechs, vampires, and more, offering “the greatest amount of freedom to shape their own story to date,” with branching tales that change course based on your choices and actions. Naturally, there will also be turn-based combat.

As for those six protagonists available to choose at the beginning of the game, here's a profile for each:

  • Tsunanori Mido – A man who can manipulate kugutsu, or animated puppets, which protect the barrier around his home, Miyako City. When the city is plagued by all kinds of supernatural phenomena, Tsunanori embarks on a journey to other worlds to find four elemental spirits in order to restore order to the spiritual realm.
  • Ameya – A witch-in-training who visits Miyako City and lives in secret as a schoolgirl as a part of her graduation exam. After Ameya is attacked by an unknown man, she loses practically all of her magical power and must find a way to regain what was lost and pass her final exam. 
  • Siugnas – An immortal vampire who rules over Yomi, a world shrouded in darkness, as the Dismal King. However, after being betrayed and driven from his throne, Siugnas finds himself in Brighthome—the gathering place of dead warriors—and must set out on a journey to recover his powers alongside the other warriors in his squadron.
  • Diva No.5 – A songstress mech designed to sing and dance from the world of Avalon. After singing a forbidden song, however, Diva’s memory and singing functionality are sealed away, causing her to lose her livelihood and music itself. In her despair, Diva discards her “human” body and, going with the flow, accepts an invitation from a secret society, leaving Avalon behind.
  • Bonnie and Formina – Two new recruits and partners on the Capitol City police force who are investigating an assassination attempt on the President. With a key person of interest’s claim that the president is a traitor and a mysterious triangle piece as their only clues, they set off on a journey through other worlds to uncover the hidden truth behind the incident.

SaGa Emerald Beyond will be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile as a digital release in 2024.

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