Resident Evil 4 Title Update Addresses Speedrun Exploit and Progress Blocking Bugs

Resident Evil 4 Title Update Addresses Speedrun Exploit and Progress Blocking Bugs

Richard Walker

Capcom has rolled out a new 1.05 update for Resident Evil 4 today, putting the kibosh on an exploit that helped with speedruns. You can no longer warp through walls when using the scope in certain areas, so you'll just have to complete the game the old-fashioned way. Bah.

The update is the latest to be released for the RE4 remake since the addition of The Mercenaries as free DLC a couple of weeks ago, and introduces a selection of other bug fixes, on top of addressing a few platform-specific issues.

On PS5 and PS4, there's a fix for incorrect text being displayed for certain trophy descriptions in some languages, while the rare progress bug announced on 31st March, has been rectified across all platforms.

Patch 1.05 is available now for Resident Evil 4, and you can consult the full patch notes below.

Resident Evil Title Update 1.05 patch notes:

[PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series X|S / Steam]

  • An issue where certain key items become unobtainable, preventing the player from progressing through the main story, has been fixed. (Announced 31 March, 2023)
  • An issue causing players to warp through walls when using the scope in certain areas has been fixed.

[PS5 / PS4]

  • Incorrect text displaying for certain trophy explanations in some languages has been fixed.
    (Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish)


  • An issue preventing the game from launching when downloadable content has been installed and an account with content restrictions is logged in has been fixed.
  • Fixes to the stick dead zone (the range in which the controller’s sticks don’t respond to movement) made on April 7 have been further adjusted.
  • Changes to the graphics rendering process made on April 7 have been readjusted.

[PS5 / PS4 / XSX|S / Steam]

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Resident Evil 4 is available for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

  • That’s unfortunate. Was going to use that exploit for my 8 hour run.
  • Wish they would just stop with those ridiculous speedrun trophies.
  • @N7MrChr15topher/@Unger: LMAO, you guys are actually troll clowning? The game can be completed within 5-6 hours tops even with some looting and exploration. Very forgiving this time from Capcom. Unless you go for the specific A and S ratings.

    Also how do you guys think Capcom found this out in the first place. Cheers to the dozen glitch YT uploaders and some fool simply spammed the support with those videos. Nothing new.
  • If you need an exploit to finish a game then you need to quit.
  • @JuST BIaZe @i got squeezed
    If it’s a second run dedicated to getting a timed achievement, then I just want to get it over and done with. I don’t enjoy speeding through a game, so how I do it is my own business.

    Stop being snobs.
  • @N7MrChr15topher You do realise trophies are optional and are suppose to be a challenge, which means you don't have to get them you, can also just play the game and enjoy it if a certain trophy is too hard or outside your skillset.
  • @ModernSith2010, There's a difference between a trophy being a challenge and a trophy being just ridiculous. Completing a game on a certain difficulty level is a challenge, rushing through a long game is just ruining your own game experience (imo).

    I like hunting trophies as much as next person on this website and I can definitely appreciate a challenge, but this sort of stuff is just dumb.
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