Remedy Ditches its Classic Bullet Logo For Something New

Remedy Ditches its Classic Bullet Logo For Something New

Matt Lorrigan

Control and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment has changed its logo for the first time in over two decades.

The Finnish studio has ditched its classic logo, which featured the image of a bullet in the space of the R, for something to “better express” the studio's “vision of today’s Remedy”.

“The bullet in the letter R in the old logo represented the era of Max Payne, but the Remedy of now is much bigger than a single game; we have a whole portfolio of games, new and old,” says communication director Thomas Puha.

“We want to create memorable worlds, stories, and characters for you to experience through our games. We wanted our new logo to reflect how we constantly evolve and continue creating exciting games with the very best people. However, it’s all still one Remedy where courageous creativity thrives. We hope you like the new look.”

You can check out both the old and the new logo down below. We'll get our first look at this new design when Alan Wake 2 launches later this year.

New Logo


Old Logo


  • It’s a dope logo for sure
  • I don't think any gamer will actually give a damn.
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