Red Dead Redemption 3 Will Happen, According to Arthur Morgan Actor

Red Dead Redemption 3 Will Happen, According to Arthur Morgan Actor

Josh Wise

Red Dead Redemption III will happen, according to Roger Clark, the actor that voiced Read Dead Redemption II hero Arthur Morgan.

In the wake of the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, Clark took to Twitter and interacted with several fans.

One such fan asked Clark about the possibility of seeing another game in the Red Dead series, and Clark said (via VGC):

“I’m certain we will see RDR3 one day. When that will be - I have absolutely no idea. Don’t count on Arthur’s involvement either. His story has been told, I feel.”

Now, while that may well be true, I wouldn't go getting too excited just yet. It's not going to be until 2025 that we get our hands on Grand Theft Auto VI, and it likely won't be until some years after that when a new Red Dead gallops along.

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  • This in no way means RDR 3 will happen, this is him just expressing is hope and guess that it will happen.
  • Dang the 2030s are looking bright, can't wait to play this on my PS7.
  • Got bored as hell with the second one, pass. Make something else instead!
  • @EmptyFibers you missed out on one of the greatest games ever made. A masterpiece. You got bored bc your simple brain probably needs explosions and action every 10 minutes.
  • @3 Nah. Bring on RDR3. Masterpiece!
  • I actually want to see Red Harlow's story retold as RDR3.
  • Okay, yeah, he voiced a character in a game. But else he is just as random a dude as everyone else. So why is that newsworthy? A critically acclaimed and fan-loved high budget titles getting a sequel? Now that is what I call a hot take.
  • @4, you definitely have me figured out entirely! They should give you a gold star or an award for such amazing commentary and astounding intellect.
  • I'm willing to bet money on this happening. They've made a killing on RDR 2, why wouldn't they make RDR 3? And that world still has potential for more stories.
  • @vikebone, Because it's not as successfull as GTA (Online).

    OT: Hope it happens, but this is indeed not newsworthy, it's not like he actually knows something.
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