PS5 System Software Beta Enables You to Adjust Your Console's Power Indicator Lights

PS5 System Software Beta Enables You to Adjust Your Console's Power Indicator Lights

Richard Walker

Sony has rolled out a PS5 system software beta, implementing several quality of life enhancements and features, enabling you to have a higher volume sound via the DualSense wireless controller's integrated mic and speaker, and adjust the brightness of the power indicator lights on your console.

The system software beta is available to invited participants (notified via email) in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, France, and Germany, with a broader release for the update due “in the coming months”. Some features are subject to change between the beta and the final update.

You can get the full rundown of what's included in the PlayStation 5 system software beta below, and, no doubt there'll be news regarding a release date for the final update soon.

PS5 System Software Update features:

DualSense wireless controller built-in mic and speaker audio enhancements

We’ve updated the device software of the DualSense and DualSense Edge wireless controllers to improve their sound features.

  • Controller speaker enhancements. The controller speakers can now produce higher volume sound, allowing you to hear in-game sounds and voice chat audio more clearly.
  • Improved noise cancellation. The mic input quality on these controllers has been improved, courtesy of a new AI machine learning model. Background noise from button presses and game audio are suppressed, resulting in a better voice chat experience. Install the system software beta and update the controller device software to enjoy enhanced clarity of your voice chat audio when using the controller mic.
  • With this update, you may feel that the sounds coming from your controller speaker may sound louder. You can adjust the controller speaker volume from the control center.

Share Screen Interactions

Players watching Share Screen in full screen mode can now use pointers and emoji reactions to interact with the host’s gameplay.

  • Viewers can move a pointer around, send a ping or draw a line on the shared screen, allowing them to highlight certain objects or areas to guide the host player more accurately.
  • Viewers can send emoji-based reactions to the host’s screen to visually encourage and celebrate gameplay actions.
  • Note: this feature is available by default but can be turned off by the host in the Share Screen settings. Both the host and the viewer must be participating in the beta to use this feature during the beta period.

Adjust Brightness of PS5 Power Indicator

You can now adjust the brightness of your PS5 console’s power indicator.

  • Go to [Settings] > [System] > [Beep and Light], and then select [Brightness].

A heartfelt thank you to our community for always providing valuable feedback and supporting our beta programs. We’re excited to hear your thoughts!

  • While that's cool and all... Can we get some folders and an option to use images as backgrounds!
  • I’m so glad I finally won’t have to be blinded by those lights any more!
  • i'm with #1 too, folders please. plus why do we have to go to in game menus to access messages and trophies. PS4 OS was way better.
  • #2 They didn't state you can actually dim it, maybe it can be only set to be brighter :p
  • Think the controller speaker is already quite loud as is.
  • To be fair the new PS5 model light is not as bad they need to make instead controllers last longer but it sounds nice always adding options is always better then getting rid of them
  • Immmmmm blinded by the light
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