PlayStation VR2 is Reportedly Off to a Very Slow Start With Around 270,000 Units Sold

PlayStation VR2 is Reportedly Off to a Very Slow Start With Around 270,000 Units Sold

Richard Walker

PlayStation VR2 launched last month, and brought with it high hopes for Sony - the company was reportedly aiming to ship 2 million units during the peripheral's first quarter - but it seems like it's set to fall way short of sales targets.

According to estimates from research firm IDC (as reported by Bloomberg), as of PS VR2's release on 22nd February, the headset (which is bundled with two Sense controllers) is expected to have sold roughly 270,000 units by the end of March.

It's thought that a prohibitively expensive price tag (amid a cost of living crisis, no less) has put the brakes on PlayStation VR2, which is also currently only available through Sony's own online PlayStation Direct store.

"Consumers around the world are facing rising costs of living, rising interest rates, and rising layoffs," IDC's Francisco Jeronimo told Bloomberg (via GameSpot). "VR headsets are not top of mind for most consumers under the current economic climate."

Sony President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has grand plans for a PlayStation VR2 metaverse, but the poor performance of the peripheral could prove to put a dampener on the endeavour. With PS VR2 costing $549.99/£529.99, it should perhaps come as no surprise that it's struggled to perform.

"I suspect a price cut on the PSVR2 will be needed to avoid a complete disaster of their new product," Jeronimo observed. With Horizon Call of the Mountain among the only compelling reasons to buy a PlayStation VR2 (many of PS VR2's games are also available on existing, cheaper VR platforms), it's hard to disagree.

  • Too expensive and the launch games are 90% PSVR games you have to rebuy to work on PSVR2 or new games that suck like that Horizon game - terrible.

    What is the point of PSVR2 if the games all suck? If they put something like VRChat on the system then lots more people would look into it. Where's Phasmophobia, Elite Dangerous VR, Dead or Alive Beach VR???

    There's actual good VR games out there and yet Sony only licensed crap that 6 people wanted to play.
  • I'll speak only for myself: a videogame experience for me is based in only 3 things: a comfortable couch, a controller on my hands and a nice, big TV.

    The rest is gimmicks.
  • Just received mine a couple of days ago, not quite the upgrade compared to psvr tbh, but when you have the money to spare its a Pretty Nice thing to have. Horizon is decent enough and kayak mirage looks quite stunning. Too bad sales Numbers suck, which can only mean they wont invest in proper games in the future. Oh and the star wars demo was also Pretty good. Might pick it up down the line.
  • I love psvr. But i found myself playing it for a few weeks and then never touching it again. I’m interested in playing GT7 in psvr2 though.
  • $500 is steep
  • Over 500 bucks to play what mostly seems like gimmicky borderline shovelware or otherwise barebones games... yeah easy pass.
  • Hardly surprising, how can anyone afford that when they can just about pay all their bills these days, Sony just being greedy
  • I am Jack's complete lack of surprise (from "Fight Club," if you don't get the reference ... google it).

    How many times are video game companies -- in particular Sony -- going to make this mistake and waste resources on VR gimmicks?

    @ DarkShadows nails it in his comment above. For me also, gaming = couch, controller, TV. Not some appliance on my head waving my arms around like an idiot.
  • It was too expensive, and the fact that so many original psvr games weren’t available put me off quite a bit. There are a lot of good games there that are just being left behind for no reason.
  • Glad I got one just in time for all upcoming games to be delayed indefinitely.
  • @8 dreadnaught_
    "nails it" my ass. The first time I tried VR it shocked me, who anyone thought in PSone era that you can in your future times that you can be INSIDE a games!!, like a driving a super cars or be inside a tanks or even a jets or inside a Resident Evil games?!, I thought if the games are fun to you it should't be problem to you.. but I guess nope its just "VR gimmicks", do me a favour, do not talk about "fun" again, in matter fact go back to your stupid Nintendo Switch, now this thing should be called a gimmicks.. a over-priced console gimmicks, it have two or three games and the rest are remastered games and the parents bought this things to there kids and the people they think this console are a legendary... my ass is a legendary.

    Anyway, just because VR2 did not received the support that it deserved it does NOT means its a "gimmick".
    (Excuse my english if it's bad).
    Now, if can excuse me, I have a Ferrari F50 car to drive inside in my house, take a guess how I'm gonna to do it, after you guessed right, tell me if that out-date thing called Nintendo $witch can do it, oh yeah I forgot you have Mario Kart 8.... MUAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.
  • @ King of Trolls DeluxEdition ...

    Gamers -- since Virtual Boy in 1995 -- have overwhelmingly voted with their wallets in favor of a conventional gaming experience over a virtual one.

    The reason for this is that the vast majority of gamers can feel like they are "inside a game" without having an appliance on your head and waving your arms around like an idiot. What's more, they don't want to spend more money to wear an appliance on their head and wave their hands around like an idiot.

    Every retail VR experiment has proven to be a commercial failure, a dead end, and a colossal waste of resources. Yet Sony keeps throwing good money after bad money, and then acting surprised when it doesn't work out, as in this case.

    The classical definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Where would Sony be if they had dedicated the billions in R&D and production costs of failed VR peripherals to something else productive.

    Anyway, regarding the above definition of madness with respect to you, the result of this post will you be you responding in rambling, nonsensical pidgin English. So I'll let you have the last word.
  • @12 dreadnaught_
    The way you respond to me it feel.. maybe you should work like politician guy or something.
    Ok, I get it. what you wrote, but first you can not compere Virtual Boy with PS VR1-2 because one does NOT work the others not only it work almost realistically.. but it have other use like to watch movies too (in VR mode or in Flat mode ), and those VR in EARLY stage of it's era, maybe if get support it enough.. maybe there will be a VR 6-7-8~~ that you NOT have to wear an appliance on your head and wave your hands around like an idiot (and if you do, its a small price compere the experience).

    Ok. I get it that maybe Sony need put their resources on making great games instead waste of resources on VR... First thing, VR1-2 are NOT like Xbox Kinect, second, there is already many great games to play, why not to play those games a differently and almost feel it too?!, let me tell what I mean, in RE7 when you use the normal hand guns in TV it is like any game first person shooter, but in VR you feel it by looking at it, that you feel it weight and you almost the taste of iron of the gun on your tongue, now you see what I mean?. And maybe in future, you can talk you friend, wife,.... in VR too and you see them inside your home while actually the faraway, but this I doubt it can happen if VR did not get the support that it deserve. TV = outdated.
  • We really need a "Dislike" button for the comment section....
  • @lizardking1545
    There is something better then "Dislike" button that you can use already, which is you can write what you disliked in the comment section in details, just like the way I did to dreadnaught_ comments, it does not means that I hate him but its matter a different points view or the way he replied to me. If there is "Dislike" button it will be abused by a snowflakes or the lazies. Here a BIG KISS TO YOU (no homo).
  • Who put 50p into the comments section today?
  • The price is what put me off too, if they'd lower it by like €100,- I'd probably get it.
  • It would be great if they could get the PSVR to synch up with my NES Power Glove.
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