PlayStation Announces New Handheld Streaming Console

PlayStation Announces New Handheld Streaming Console

Matt Lorrigan

PlayStation has announced Project Q, a new handheld PlayStation console specifically made for streaming PS5 games.

Set to launch later this year, Project Q will be a “dedicated device” that will enable players to stream their PlayStation 5 games from their console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi. The handheld features an 8-inch HD screen, as well as DualSense-style grips which feature “all of the buttons and features of the DualSense Wireless Controller”.

The 8-inch screen is larger than either the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED, for context, and only Wi-Fi functionality is mentioned, making it seem unlikely that it will feature a mobile network for use away from Wi-Fi networks. Unlike previous PlayStation handhelds, it sounds like this won't be capable of playing games without streaming from your PS5, which is a tad disappointing. 

Alongside Project Q, PlayStation also announced the PlayStation Earbuds, which can be used on PS5, PC, and smartphones via Bluetooth.

It's not exactly the PlayStation Vita 2, but for handheld PS5 gaming around the house, it could be a decent option, depending on the latency. More information, including price, will be revealed ahead of the launch of Project Q later this year.

  • I kind of like this, if the price will be accodingly. I guess we can expect the price of a DualSende plus the screen, so around 120 bucks maybe?
  • So we can finally use bluetooth headsets and headphones? Airpods and other bluetooth speakers/headphones never worked.
  • @1 I image this is closer to the price of the Edge so $200, maybe $250. $120 its a day one purchase!

    I'm curious to see how well it works outside the house, travelling, etc.
  • While this is awesome looking and a cool idea, being low cost is the only way I'd buy. I have 7in iPhone and 14in tablet I can remote play from anywhere in the house, there is literally no reason to have this if I can not actually put games on it.
  • I don't get the point. If it's only streaming but doesn't feature anything but wifi, you are reliant on your phone for tethering, which can be prohibitively expensive, or having wifi access at least, so limited places you can use it.

    If it's for around the house it still requires your PS5 to be available to be used by you, so no sharing with you SO, siblings or kids. It's basically a mobile screen for the bed, bathroom and beyond.

    With Steam Deck many users already realized that "handheld" gaming only has so much appeal if it is limited to your house. And that thing at least can run some of the games itself as well.

    On the bright site, if they get the ergonomy right, visually impaired people have a nifty device to get closer to their face.
  • This remote play device is severely disappointing. I saw the picture of it and got rather excited until I read more about it. When I do use remote play (rarely) I use that PSPlay app that some guy made, which is 10 times better than Sonys own remote play app. And I'm sure I won't be able to use that on this device.
    Super lame. Good for those who live with other people and have to share a TV I suppose. But not for a solo bachelor like myself.
  • This needed to be a vita 2 for me to even take interest and it's the furthest thing from it. It's awful if you ask me. If you can't play a console without needing to be on wifi what's the point is how I view it.
  • I see zero point in this and would go as far to say it is a waste of not only our money, if your stupid enough to buy it, but also Sony's in development cost. What is the actual point in it when you have things like the Backbone, which they had only just announced yesterday(I believe) on their blog is getting an android version. Total stupidity.
  • Never could get Remote Play to work decently on Wi-Fi. Useless. What's the market? A few PS5 owners? Someone in R&D is living in a dream world. What a waste of time time & money.
  • I like the idea, but if I think of when I would potentially use it it would be in places that either have shitty wifi or no wifi at all...
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