PlayStation Store Removing More Than 1,300 Seasons of Discovery TV Shows, Even For Users Who Purchased Them

PlayStation Store Removing More Than 1,300 Seasons of Discovery TV Shows, Even For Users Who Purchased Them

Richard Walker

Sony has told users that it will be removing 1,300+ seasons of Discovery TV shows from the PlayStation Store by the end of the year, even it they were purchased, presumably with the understanding that they'd be available to keep indefinitely.

“As of 31 December 2023, due to our content licensing arrangements with content providers, you will no longer be able to watch any of your previously purchased Discovery content and the content will be removed from your video library,” an email sent to consumers states. ”We sincerely thank you for your continued support," it adds.

A look at the PlayStation site confirms that 1,318 seasons of television will be removed, which includes shows like Cake Boss, American Chopper, Deadliest Catch, Street Outlaws, MythBusters, How It's Made, Shark Week, Man vs. Wild, Tanked, Wheeler Dealers, and many more.

Normally, when digital content is removed from storefronts like the PlayStation Store, ownership means you're still able to access said content to view or play. In many cases, you can download delisted games from your library, as long as you own them, although the same doesn't appear to be the case for video content. Indeed, Sony has previously removed StudioCanal video content from the PS Store, back in August of last year.

Since 2021, TV and movie content is no longer available for purchase on the PlayStation Store.

  • This is the reason why I won’t buy anything digital unless I have to.
  • This is the reason why I won't buy anything digital unless I can reasonably convince myself it's worth the rental price.
  • Waiting on Alan Wake 2 going physical
  • Physical > digital
  • Physical is greater than digital*
  • So will they be handing out refunds?
  • Pretty sure all those physical Mythbusters dvds are collecting dust anyways.
  • Why would you buy 3rd party to begin with...
  • @6 nope, its part of the Terms, you are only renting the service.
  • Well at least Sony wised up in 2021 and stopped selling digital video. I know I've never bought a digital movie.
  • Didn't even know this was an option, why would anyone even buy seasons of a reality TV show... on their Playstation...
  • And this is why physical is king
  • Agree with #11.
    I can't stand the thought someone buys digital copies of a season of a TV show at all. But it's worse that you did on a console....
  • @Unger:
    Because it's not a console, but an "entertainment center". Well at least MS marketed the XBox One this way. And people like to have their one-stop solutions for everything. Why make different accounts for every service when you can buy the same stuff at a shop you already have an account for.
    Or because it's the quickest way to get your in-laws occupied when they are visiting for holidays or whatever. x)
  • I don't understand how I could have purchased this content and then it is removed. I understand de-listing. But this is just BS. I'm glad that I only "purchased" one or two episdoes.
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