Here's Everything From Yesterday's PlayStation Showcase in One Place

Here's Everything From Yesterday's PlayStation Showcase in One Place

Richard Walker

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the last few days, there was a PlayStation Showcase last night, and it featured a lot of game reveals, trailers and other stuff.

Seriously, there was a ludicrous amount of news, so it's understandable if you maybe missed some of it. The reveals and updates came thick and fast, then, after the fact, there was even more. Don't worry - we've got you.

Grab yourself a drink and a snack, get nestled in a comfy chair, and click away to your heart's content until you get all caught up. Check out all of the PlayStation Showcase news (and more) below.

PlayStation Showcase

Warhammer Skulls Showcase

And a review…

  • Tell you what -- Dragon's Dogma 2 is what I'm the most excited about!
  • A disappointing showcase for 1st and 2nd party. Most of this showcase could’ve also been shown off at some like Summer Games Fest or The Game Awards. This wouldn’t be as much an issue if Sony did this every year, but they don’t do that.

    Honestly, they could’ve waited longer for a showcase if their 1st and 2nd party titles aren’t ready to show (most of the games “shown” didn’t seem ready to show based on the lack of gameplay)
  • @1, Same here. It has been a whole decade and finally we have a sequel. I enjoyed the pawn system, and how all that beast knowledge encouraged a diverse/creative way to fight the enemies.
  • @ imaginaryruins ... I know the first Dragon's Dogma was not a perfect game, but the incredible depth and complexity of the pawn system still floors me. The PS4 remaster of DD1 was the last game I played and platinum-ed on my PS4. I saw new interactions and behaviors from both my and rented pawns all the way to the end.

    DD1 also had the best character creator I've ever seen in a RPG. I loved the way my character and pawns looked.

    Anyway, I love that in the glimpse of the sequel that we saw, there was so much consistency in the gameplay and animations and locales, vs. the original.

  • My top 3 were MGS, Ghostrunner, Spider-Man. Phantom Blade looks like it could be cool too. It was my #3 until I heard it described as "Soulslike". That turned me off a bit. I'm just not into games like that.
  • Great showcase, agree that too few exclusives were shown but I enjoyed myself. Mostly looking forward to Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake II and Metal Gear Solid.
  • MGS was the only sure buy for me, the handheld PSwitch also interested.

    Concord is a mystery so I'm curious. The rest was either not my cup of tea or I'm not hyped/rushing to get it like Spiderman.
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