PlayStation Plus Essential Games For October Leak, Include The Callisto Protocol

PlayStation Plus Essential Games For October Leak, Include The Callisto Protocol

Richard Walker

Once again, the coming month's PlayStation Essential games have leaked, with The Callisto Protocol apparently leading the charge for October.

Dealabs' billbil-kun is up to their old tricks, having accurately leaked the PlayStation Plus Essential lineup on numerous occasions. According to the prolific leaker, The Callisto Protocol will be joined by Farming Simulator 22. So, horror and monsters, but also turnips and that.

Both games will reportedly form part of October's PlayStation Plus Essential lineup from 3rd October to 6th November, and no doubt, Sony will have the official announcement soon. Until then, there's still more than ample time to get September's picks, which include Saints Row.

  • I so regret paying 70 some bucks for the callisto ProtoCrap, when it's free not even a year later. That is. If this is true. Which is generally is.
  • @Profeelgood My dude, get PS Extra annual subscription. Around 15 new games every month and a lot of what costs $60-70 on release ends up there for nothing. The amount of money I've saved during the past 1.5 years is ridiculous.
  • Oh I've been subscribed since 2011. And when the tiers came our, I ventured for premium
    Im just sayin, I wish I didn't fall for the callisto protocol hype last year. Which subsequently, led me to buying it the day it came out. And I was more disappointed than impressed. It's a good looking game and that's it.
  • Just 2 games next month?
  • @TheDaytona500
    You see the price increase is necessary so you can get great games like knockoff dead space and a yearly chore simulator.
  • The biggest reason I have PS Plus Essential is the cloud storage for saves, especially now that you can't back up PS5 games (thank goodness you can still back up PS4 saves on USB).

    But even that is getting hard to justify given the aforementioned price increase that @ DruidicMystery referenced.
  • @TheDaytona500, Doubtful, the leaker doesn't always know the full line up up front.

    OT: Shame, already bought and finished this a few months ago. Don't really get the hate this game got, it's not worth €70,- for sure but it's also really not a bad game. Very much enjoyed myself with it.
  • The true horror was playstation increasing the PS+ prices
  • Price increase for this for 2 games not 3? I unfortunately made the mistake of buying Callisto day 1 last year and couldn't be kicking myself harder for doing so. I wish horrible things upon Glen almost weekly
  • Callisto is a terrible game, heavy dated controls(god knows how bad the PS4 versions would feel at 30fps), jesus even the original Dead Space's controls didn't feel as heavy, terrible control layout, I mean what morron thought it was a good idea to have the dodge button on the same control stick you use to move, mediocre story, reused enemines, the same boss 4 f###ing times, something RE7 was criticised for years prior to this game and then a half arsed "season" pass with 90% of the content that should have been free or in the game from the beginning. Terrible, Terrible game.
  • @8 No, the true horror was the friends we made along the way
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