October's PlayStation Plus Monthly Games Confirmed

October's PlayStation Plus Monthly Games Confirmed

Richard Walker

Sony has confirmed the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup for October, which, as per usual, follows the recent, and, as it turns out, entirely accurate leak. As outed earlier in the week, sci-fi survival horror The Callisto Protocol heads things up, alongside Farming Simulator 22.

If monstrous creatures and harvesting wheat doesn't provide any appeal for you, then you can choose to play third PS Plus pick, Weird West, offering an immersive sim RPG adventure set within a dark fantasy reimagining of the wild west. All three games will be available from next week, and playable across both PS5 and PS4.

All three titles will be available to download with a subscription to PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, or Premium from Tuesday 3rd October to Monday 6th November, giving you ample time to still claim September's PS Plus Monthly Games.

PlayStation Plus October Monthly Games

  • The Callisto Protocol | PS5, PS4
  • Farming Simulator 22 | PS5, PS4
  • Weird West | PS5, PS4

[Via PS Blog]

  • Played a bit of Weird West on game pass. its quite decent.
  • Don't mind if I do.
  • Not interested in any of them, thankfully I'll have both Disgaea 7 and Spiderman 2 to play next month, both of which are much better than these games
  • i was waiting to get weird west on black friday, but i guess i can try it on plus 1st to see if it's worth the buy.
  • I know a lot of people weren't into it, but I was happy to see The Callisto Protocol. I wanted to try it, but I didn't think it sounded like it was worth the money.

    Now I get to.
  • Perfect month. Might not be the bestest of all games, but pretty much all fit the "might try, but don't want to buy" category for many I assume. Well, Farming Simulator might be an exception for "real gamerz". ;)
  • I enjoyed Callisto was a good game. Very follow the yellow brick road but good and i finished it. Oh well back to playing my switch this month haha
  • Guess I can sell my physical Callisto copy.
  • They had one of the farming simulators on PS+ a while back. It was surprisingly addictive and enjoyable; I'll be sure to check this one out too.
  • calisto protocol isnt showing up on ps4....anyone else?
  • Callisto Protocol isn’t showing up for me either - at least, not the full game. I am seeing the add-ons though.
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