Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Pirate History Vid Sails In

Richard Walker

Aiming to reveal the real story of the 'Golden Age of Piracy' (not illegally downloading MP3s), Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will see new hero Edward Kenway (Connor's grandpa) rubbing shoulders with a motley crew of uncompromising scoundrels and famous pirates.

Larger than life pirates like Calico Jack, Benjamin Hornigold, Charles Vane and the infamous Blackbeard will play pivotal roles in Black Flag, and no doubt Edward will get himself in hot water with more than one of them during his journey upon the high seas.

You can find out more about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's historical backdrop in the new trailer, and get a load of the newly unveiled Blackbeard: The Legendary Pirate figurine currently available to pre-order on Ubisoft's Uplay store in the image below. Priced at £29.99, the Blackbeard figurine is highly-detailed and comes with some pre-order sails.

Purchase the Blackbeard figure and you'll be able to adorn Edward's ship, The Jackdaw with Blackbeard. Black Bart and Hornigold sails, as you conquer the Caribbean oceans. Avast!

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is out for current and next-gen consoles on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe. You can check out the new trailer, the Blackbeard figurine and a solitary new screenshots below.

  • must... have... BLACKBEARD!!
  • this gave me an eyegasm
  • Nothing secial really in the trailer... a must pre-order though
  • Never played AC. I am interested in it though, and have been waiting for a PS+ update with 1/2/3/4. Doesn't really matter which - I just want to try it out. Mainly because the climbing mechanics are like Infamous, which I love. Can I play this without playing 1-4?
  • @Richard Walker, do you have a direct link to the item. I keep getting the main store page. The search feature sux on there. Please help. Thx
  • @4 - Story jumps periods in time and spans over different characters for the most part. I play them but not in order. Each story can stand alone.
  • That is one cool figure, though after being to a collectable site there are about 15 statues related to AC I want now, only have Conner. @6 the characters in the past may change (minus 2,B and R) but the main overlaying story of Desmond keeps moving on, so tends to be best to play them in order because of his plot, the plot I still wish got more time in total, Desmond being the character I liked the most in the series.
  • Am I the only one extremely tired of AC games? Does this even have a story any more?
  • @8 I'm tired of a new AC game every year. That is just way too often for me to keep up with. I've still got Brotherhood and Revelations in my backlog. IMO they're killing the franchise appeal by releasing a game every year.
  • with all the problems I have had with these games, I will never buy one of their games day 1. Each needs about 6 months worth of patches to make them playable and sometimes event that isn't enough time
  • Please add the figurine to a special edition for both NA and EU
  • Have you guys realized the other game Ubisoft is publishing - Call of Juarez Gunslinger, has the same idea as AC 4? The character going through history meeting historic figures.
  • @ 8+9 Totally agree. AC lost its way when 3 came out. Its just following its COD brother lol
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