Sleeping Dogs Heading to North American PS Plus Next Week

Richard Walker

Sleeping Dogs will be making its way to PS Plus in North America next week according to the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast.

Wei Shen's undercover Triad yarn will also be joined by The Pinball Arcade in the Instant Games Collection, with the Black Hole, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Tales of the Arabian Nights, and Theater of Magic tables.

Rounding out the update will be Knytt Underground and colourful 2D fighter, BlazBlue: Contiuum Shift Extend, both for PS3 and PS Vita.

Sleeping Dogs will be available via the North American PlayStation Plus on May 7th.

[Via Joystiq]

  • About frickin' time! YES!!!
  • Guess I won't have to wait for a complete edition to play the game.
  • Finally.
  • Nice that NA also get this game free. I hope there will be some discount on the DLC, because 5 euro's for 1 hour DLC is too much.
  • well i all ready have sleeping dogs. as for pinball i just play the pinball i have in my game room. as for Knytt Underground reall didnt like it. and BlazBlue: Contiuum Shift Extend is the only one i have try or do not own. so i feel this psn + is a small let down at least for me dont get me worng im happy for the people who didnt get sleeping dogs on day one and are getting it next week but for the rest of us who have it it be a waste of a download
  • I know that's all I need is the dlc
  • I bought some of the DLC when it was on sale. Just bought the game for $21 a few days ago. Guess I'll be re-gifting it lol.
  • Great game! Took long enough for them to put a good game on the NA PS+.
  • enjoy! this is an excellent game :D
  • I didn't like Knytt Underground either. I don't like fairies. No man should. Pinball is great fun though. Zen Pinball is much better than the rest. Much more precise on the controls and flip response than other pinball games are. That's a good amount of games too. Another one for the Vita!
  • It is amazing. There was a lot of people (Americans) complaining when the EU got this. Now there are people complaining that they don't want it. Make up you damn minds.
  • @ #11, I'm glad about Sleeping Dogs. I'm sure others will complain about it though the only complaints I can agree with is about having too many fighters back to back on PS Plus. @ #4, All of the DLC was on sale for NA PS Plus just recently. It was very cheap too.
  • at #11 im only complaining becasue i all ready have it on disk when it 1st came out.
  • i think its funny that i have a good reason why i wont download sleeping dogs and all my comments are getting dislike
  • @11 People will complain, whether it's people from NA or those from EU. I personally don't feel the need to complain since there's usually at least one game each month I feel like I would enjoy playing.
  • @10: "I don't like fairies. No man should." Lol! Consider that line stolen!
  • So since I am getting Sleeping Dogs for free, what are the best one or two dlc packs to pick up. I feel kinda bad since I was about to buy it over the weekend when I heard the rumor that is might come for free in May.
  • @5, I feel same way when we get games that I already own, but lately it is not happening to me as much because I'm starting my "PS4 on Day One Fund". Last game I got at lunch was Bioshock Infinite and plan on getting Last of Us at launch, but the rest are GameFly'ed until PS4 comes out. ^_^
  • @17, I've been avoiding NA sales of games that happen to be on EU PSN in hopes that we get them soon... All Sony is doing is shooting themselves in the foot if they expect me to buy something that is free elsewhere and could possibly be free to me later.
  • This was next on my Gamefly queue. Whew!
  • No news on the June PS+ Update? New to PS+, so I don't know when it usually get announced as I usually skip over PS+ updates on here. Sleeping Dogs would've been nice to have for free, but not going to be too upset by not having it, especially as I only have about 89 days left of my sub anyway, so probably wouldn't have obtained a plat and my 50% completion rate would descend even lower than it already is.
  • Sleeping Dogs was my GOTY for 2012. Really enjoyed it on my PC and I'm willing to play it again on the PS3. Definitely one of the better GTA clones out there. Pinball Arcade is something I would have never bought. Black Hole is epic but the other 3 are mediocre. Now, I can spend the $10 on some DLC instead.
  • 17: Just get the gold dlc.
  • This was on my 'To Buy' list and now it moves to the PS+ Backlog List *
  • Only played the demo and I honestly didn't care for it. But I'll give it another chance and download it. Hopefully next month we'll get Hitman Absolution, I've been meaning to pick it up again
  • I recommend you get this guys. It was on offer on PS Plus EU and I was initially reluctant to get it. Glad I did, it was worth it (well it was FREE in the first place) and all the "story related" (aka level) DLCs were value for money as well. Not too expensive IMO (compared to others) though they were a tad short. But still... If you are a trophy hunter, this is also an easy plat.
  • Lol I was just about to go and buy this game good thing i didn't
  • About frackin time.
  • Someone is selfish (*cough* #13 *cough*) I will be trying this though, not big on SP games anymore.
  • i got the plat a year ago, but ts a very good game! a must play!
  • Everyone will eventually get something they already own or have played from PS+ (unless you don't buy games at all), so not everyone can be satisfied but you run that risk when you subscribe.
  • If this will be free, even though I've had it on disc for a long time, will the dlc be on sale along with it ?
  • wish I would have waited I bought it about a month ago
  • Very fun game, glad you guys are getting it. Also it's an easy plat :P
  • crap got all 3 games already , since i have eu plus and us plus
  • Should stop NA people moaning about the games EU get, even though NA pay about 25% less. I thought this game was a big let down.
  • @#10 I do enjoy Zen Pinball (specifically PVZ, Star Wars ep V tables), but I don't think they are anywhere near as good as Farsight's The Pinball Arcade when it comes to table design and fun. You have to remember these tables were designed by pinball gods, and most are in the top 25 pinball tables OF ALL TIME. Hard to beat that! ;) Also, if you haven't played TPA in the last few weeks you should. They've knocked out the flipper lags and other bugs as well. It plays extremely well and looks amazing on a nice display. The free tables; Tales of the Arabian Nights, Black Hole, Theatre of Magic, Ripley's Believe it or Not are all great tables! And I HIGHLY recommend Monster Bash, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Scared Stiff (Elvira), and Bride of Pin*Bot. Basically, if you like realistic pinball tables you will love this.
  • @37 I'll have to disagree about Zen not being any where near as good as FarSight. Let's be fair here. Zen actually creates their OWN tables from scratch...not use an already made table that already has sounds and structures from a build. All FarSight did was recreate what was there. Not trying to minimize what they do. They are fantastic developers, but I'll be damned if someone tries to make Zen look inferior to them. I have every single table from both franchises across ALL platforms, so there's no bias. I take what each of the respective pinball giants give which is authenticity (FarSight) and fantasy (Zen) and apply it to the enjoyment factor. I will agree with you that if you like pinball that's the closest to the real pinball machines, then Pinball Arcade is the way to go. However, Zen does an exceptional job in their own right and they are fun as well.
  • Great game planted last month. Us plus will always be inferior though. There is no redemption
  • Any news about a complete dlc GOTY edition yet? I'd actually rather drop money on that then have to download all the dlc on top of the free digital copy.
  • @#38: And I'm sure Zen Studios hasn't "borrowed" anything from those originals. But seriously man, when you really think about it Zen has the easier job here. If they can't make a ramp shot feel right they simply REDESIGN it to whatever they want where as Farsight HAS TO make it fit with the original table. Not to take anything away from Zen, but they don't have to take an original pinball machine. Some older than your grandparents, and strip them down, and scan/photograph every part... The pinball machines, not your grandparents. That alone takes weeks for the most basic machine. Anyway, I wasn't judging the work out into it anyway. I'm just saying machines like Medieval Madness, Pin*Bot, Twilight Zone, Theatre of Magic, and so on are the real deal when it comes to genius pinball action. I like a few Zen tables, but the floating characters and Marvel tables get to be a bit much. Plants Vs Zombies table is fun, but really because its a near ripoff of medieval Madness's ramp placements. Glad to see they are fans of good tables too though. :) SW ESB is fun, even though the voice talent needs practice. Yoda in particular. I think they have 6 more Star Wars tables due out and you know at least one of them is going to have Jar Jar and that makes me a little angry hehe.
  • Great game!!!! To bad I beat it already lol
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