Ed Boon Talks eSports, As We Get Some Tips Off The UK’s Best Injustice: Gods Among Us Player

Dan Webb

Warner Bros’ quest to find the world’s best Injustice: Gods Among Us player has been going on for sometime – heck, we saw the Middle Eastern leg at the Dubai Comic-Con a few weeks back.

Last Friday was not only the game’s launch day in the UK, but it also saw the UK’s regional Injustice qualifiers participate in the UK finals at the Warner Bros UK HQ. Having spent hours on end perfecting their trade with the game’s demo, it was judgment day… and only one person will be back. And by back, I mean heading to France tomorrow to represent the UK in the world finals.

While all the chaos ensued around us, we caught up with the legendary Mortal Kombat creator and NetherRealm Creative Director, Ed Boon, to talk the rise of eSports and what it can do to become more mainstream. We also watched while the UK winner won his crown – well, belt – and then grabbed him to get some tips.

If that’s not enough Injustice for you, we finally published our review today – spoiler: it’s a bit good! - so don't forget to check that out too.

  • Loving the game!
  • I wonder if the UK champion has the Mortal Kombat platinum?
  • @2 Doubt it, most competitive fighting game players will focus on 1-2 characters and thus no 24 hours with Sheeva.
  • the interviewer bald guy is hot as fuck! XD
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