NetherRealm’s Adam Urbano Talks Injustice, Working With DC & Roster Building

Dan Webb

Injustice: Gods Among Us sees its release this coming week and prompting that, we recently caught up with Adam Urbano, Senior Producer on Injustice, to pick his brains on the upcoming DC fighter.

We tackle NetherRealm’s relationship with DC, how they usually go about building their roster of fighters, whether the studio will ever branch out into other genres and also briefly touch upon what we can expect from the fighting genre in the next-generation. Of course, there’s that and much more, and plenty of gameplay spliced in for your viewing pleasure too.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is released this week in North America (16th) and Europe (19th). If you’ve not checked out our latest preview yet, there’s till time!

  • Great Interview! So excited for this game.
  • we get Mortal Kombat vs DC.. then just a mortal Kombat game.. and now just a DC game.. yippie
  • Good watch, would recommend if your excited for the game.
  • A room full of batman villians... Hell Yeah!
  • Also... please port this to my Vita!! I am begging you NetheRealm.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if NetheRealm had an "all character" grinding trophy like in MK9. I'm sure that'll annoy alot of gamers. -___-
  • I liked what they did with story mode in MK9, I'm not a huge fighter player but I might get this.
  • is online multiplayer expected to be region locked?
  • I want Arm Fall Off Boy as DLC xD
  • #6 they dont have that trophy in this game thank fucking god
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