George Lucas Told LucasArts to Turn Star Wars 1313 into a Boba Fett Game

Lee Bradley

Last year Star Wars 1313 was turned into a game about the bounty hunter Boba Fett at the behest of George Lucas himself, according to the latest reports.

The game, which had been scrapped and reimagined at several points during a troubled development spell, underwent the transformation last May, just before E3.

Concept art from the new version of the game has also been revealed. You can see one such piece below. There’s more at Kotaku.

Ultimately Star Wars 1313 died yesterday, when LucasArts was effectively killed by new owners Disney. There had been some hope that the game would live on via licensing, but according to sources close to the project, the chances are slim.

Development on the game has been on hold since since “last fall,” it is being reported.

"They ended up with movie tech that wouldn't fit in a game, and game tech that wouldn't fit in a movie," a source told Kotaku. "1313 was always in danger of not being made."

Sad times, then. Lets hope whoever licenses the Star Wars name from Disney can come up with something just as promising and actually bring it to market.

  • Disney fuck up #1
  • Damn you disney! Always wanted a game revolving around Boba :(
  • Dark times for game developers.
  • People were concern that Disney would just fuck up everything when they got the rights, but I don't think anyone thought it would be immediately.
  • can't see why they wouldn't just license it out.. or let LucasArts finish it
  • I don't Think Disney is getting rid of LucasArts anytime soon sadly, Star Wars is a MONEY PIT and I could see Disney keeping the rights for at least 20+ years =/
  • Thanks for bringing this to my attention and crushing my soul even more.
  • Not Battlefront III so meh.
  • @6: they announced yesterday that lucasarts was becoming a lixensing company, so yes they have a game developer no more
  • You people need to get over this the only sad thing about this is the lose of jobs for all thoses people otherwise thank god there's going to be no more Star Wars games they suck best thing Lucas Arts did was Monkey Island & Disney is good stop bad mouthing Disney just cos they closed Lucas Arts its pathetic
  • The videogame Boba Fett deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
  • Yeah way to apply salt to the wound Disney.
  • Why do you people see this as a bad thing? If anything good developers can create the titles instead of creating sub-par games like the Force Unleashed. Lucas Arts has really dropped the ball this gen so I think this is a positive.
  • @10 sounds like someone played disney universe
  • It upsets me knowing potentially great games like this get cancelled while games like Call of Duty great released every year.
  • Star Wars was a lucrative franchise known thru out the galaxy. Before the dark times, before the Empire Disney
  • I don't think it was going to be that big of a game anyways. It was going to be exactly the same as The Force Unleashed just as a bounty hunter. The only Star Wars game I only care about that should have been finished is Battlefront 3. If I hear from any source that they were going to release Battlefront 3 until Disney, I'm going berserk
  • @10 Your post's grammar hurt my brain.
  • star wars games will come the devs just need to ask disney like zen did
  • capitalistic fucks
  • @18 "facepalm"
  • @14 no I just enjoy Disney movies @18 there's nothing wrong with my grammar maybe you just can't read
  • @23 - your grammar is non-existent! That entire post that was mentioned did not have a single punctuation mark across the whole 4 lines! Look, I've fixed it for you - You people need to get over this! The only sad thing about this is the lose of jobs for all those people. Otherwise, thank god there's going to be no more Star Wars games - they suck! Best thing Lucas Arts did was Monkey Island; And Disney is good! Stop bad mouthing Disney just cos they closed Lucas Arts, its pathetic! You can see the difference, can't you?! @2 - I take it that you've never played Star Wars: Bounty Hunter then? It was a game based around Boba Fett.
  • @24 Thanks for making 10 readable. @23 Reread 10
  • You guys need to calm down. They're probably going to have other developers make their games. Lucas Arts was losing money, they were best known from the 1990's.
  • @25 It was actually about Jango Fett.
  • @CaptainNick - I stand corrected, good sir! You're right, it was Jango.
  • @26 Very true. Besides, it's Disney. They may be an evil monolithic corporation, but more often than not their products are of extremely high quality. Why risk the bad publicity by shoving what, based on the news stories I've heard lately, was probably not going to be as good a game as we'd all hoped. At best. Chances are better it would have been a train wreck. Again, Disney knows quality and how to effectively utilize a license. We'll get our amazing Star Wars game someday, I don't doubt that for a second.
  • Cancel 1313 is one thing, but say that Monkey Island as no relevant future, thats too far.
  • Noooo! I disagree!
  • Boba Fett is my fav Star Wars character but i wouldn't want a game made about him. The best thing about Boba was that he lurked in the background looking hardcore and didnt need to say or do much, you just knew he was the man.....
  • Guess it's time for me to send Disney a nasty email. Not that it will make any difference, but it might make me feel better damnit. Although on the other hand there is a positive side to all this..... just think..... There's a pretty good chance that we'll see Star Wars characters in Kingdom Hearts at some point! I wouldn't be at all surprised if Square gets the rights to the Star Wars franchise, infact I'd almost bet money that they're heading in that direction.
  • @32 you were right before RoTJ now many dont know how he survived (huh yes he survived the sarlacc) I would like a boba game , how he became top 1 bounty hunter prior to ESB
  • @24: Bounty Hunter was focused on Jango Fett, not Boba Fett, hehe. I was really looking forward to Star Wars 1313, Boba Fett or not. Gah.
  • hopefully disney still decides to still make star wars 1313 with the same developers
  • Finally, some news I can comment on with an idea I had. Check it: A Jedi-game with a story handled by one company (which, until today, most promisingly would've been LucasArts...), and the gameplay by Platinum! BOOM! Best Star Wars-game ever!
  • @37 so Revengence with Star wars skins? I can see it . . .
  • I can't believe Disney would do this, they haven't even given LucasArts a chance or anything. Star Wars 1313 looked amazing, the same guys from the movies working on the game with a storyline that for once didn't revolve around the Jedi or the sith or the force at all. Also I'm really not sure about the plot details but I always thought the main character was suppose to be a young Boba Fett, in fact I think George Lucas was right to suggest making Boba the main character. A lot of people have been asking for a Boba Fett game. This always pisses me off though, the idea that people like Disney restrict good ideas and don't allow anyone else to use them. I mean it feels like if your not gonna use them then let someone else use them, it's like how the new X-Men and Spider-man films are only being made so the respected companies can avoid losing the rights back to Marvel and Disney. Unfortunately I think it's best if Star Wars 1313 gracefully dies, it's either that or we get another Duke Nukem on our hands. I mean it's a shame but if the game got another developer, it'd mean new people with new directions and new ideas and with no clue as to where the other guys wanted to take it, basically even a game like Bioshock Infinite couldn't survive that. Without Ken Levine to guide the game it'd have been awful. @34 I hate the extended universe but the one detail I liked was Boba Fett survivng the Sarlac Pitt.
  • I always said this game should've starred Boba Fett. Shame it's fucked to shit now.
  • Let's not overstate this. The fact is, George Lucas is just as much of a problem as Disney was. Telling the developers from on high that this game suddenly needed to be about Boba Fett smacks of focus-group leadership (something which Lucas has used constantly in his heavy-handed approach to his universe).
  • @38 - You sound ironic? Haven't played Revengenance yet, but I have high hopes for it(s gameplay, at least). So that's Bayonetta, Vanquish, to some degree Anarchy Reigns and from what I've heard of it, Revengenance, that have AMAZING gameplay. Jedi Academy showed the potential of a Jedi-game and Platinum delivers every time. Again, GAMEPLAY. Their stories are of the generic japanese-game variety.
  • Oh George Lucas come us you always knew what to do! And I wish Disney would stay out of gaming.. I know that's impossible because Star Wars is a package deal and I'm not being Naive I just wish their was a way!
  • This game was Boba Fetted
  • Wow these comments. People really love bad Star Wars games. "I don't care if you say there's a bunch of problems and the game isn't good and you haven't worked on it for 6 months, shut up and take my money!"
  • @45 Well it's just annoying since Star Wars 1313 looked like it had so much potential, even at this point it still had a chance but now that LucasArts is gone there's no way it can possibly be released.
  • @41 - Sadly true. Jar Jar stank of something added to appeal to da kidz. From the sound of it, this was never going to come out in a playable fashion.
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