Disney Closes LucasArts

Lee Bradley

Disney is closing LucasArts as a games developer and publisher. Instead the company will now operate solely as a licensee of the Star Wars name to external developers. 

The move will leave hundreds of games developers out of a job.

"After evaluating our position in the games market, we've decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company's risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games,” reads a statement.

“As a result of this change, we've had layoffs across the organization. We are incredibly appreciative and proud of the talented teams who have been developing our new titles."

LucasArts was acquired by Disney in late 2012, as part of a deal worth $4.05 billion. At the time CEO Robert Iger said, "We're likely to focus more on social and mobile than we are on console," leading to fears that Star Wars 1313, LucasArts’ “mature” oriented title may be scrapped.

Now it seems that not only will we never see Star Wars 1313, we’ll never see an internally-developed title from LucasArts ever again.

LucasArts is responsible for some of the most charished games in the history of the medium, starting with its classic adventure games of the late 80s and early 90s, including Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. In later years the company focused increasingly on producing Star Wars titles, to varying degrees of success.

This story will no doubt run for some time. In the meantime, best of luck to all those that have lost their jobs.

[via Game Informer]

  • WTF...
  • Yawngasm. Although I feel for the people who lost their jobs.
  • fuck disney
  • Please tell me this is a belated bad April fool joke, please, please ! :(
  • Here comes the ****-storm of nerd rage lolololol Also I agree with #2. I find it kinda sad how people care more about their games getting canceled/studios closing down rather than the people who actually make them possible. Kinda hypocritical imo.
  • Bye Disney!
  • Fuck Disney. Evil machine that brain washes children....
  • yet another studio dumping people like garbarge 'our money is more dear to us, so you who work for us and generate the millions on our bank accounts will have to go, no place for you anymore...' and I also find it sad that we'll not see SW 1313, nor any other game from LucasArts
  • God George why the fuck did u have to see to Disney outta every company that probably wanted the Star Wars license. U couldn't have sold it sold to more of a pussy company. I literally have no believe Disney will do any justice to this series just slowly destroy it. Uhhh....and can't believe I'll never get play that amazing looking Star Wars 1313!!! I hate u Disney!!!
  • I knew mickey mouse was going to kill off star wars! I bet the new films will be crap too :( please let me be wrong
  • No surprise. LucasArts hasn't made anything successful in over 4 years. I feel bad for the employees who were affected by this more than never seeing Star Wars 1313.
  • Meh. I can't even remember the last relevant game LucasArts made. Nostalgia can only go so far. Maybe they'll sell off Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion and other classic licenses to someone who will actually do something with them?
  • And so the Disney owning Star Wars debacle moves into full swing... Disturbing.
  • Disney, the true Disney ended when Walt passed. This is not surprising at all. Disney does shitty things like this with it's animators for all their films. Hire, steal ideas, get rid of them after a year. It is a terrible company, sad to say.
  • I blame Capitalism, comrades.
  • Basically: Star wars games will now be made by other companies
  • Wow. I never saw this one coming. I hope Disney knows what they are doing.
  • If my series goes big I want it to have nothing to do with Disney. That now unfortunately includes Marvel.
  • WTF? Ok Disney is ruining everything about Star Wars Universe! Really is that necessary? We all love the SW games so why the hell are they closing the games development?!? I'm starting to hate a bit disney for this
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i new disney was gonna fuck up star wars lol
  • Alot stuff went down last year so when they said the world would end guess they ment some of the gaming world. ok tht was bad but this probably the result of some old disney grudge
  • No more Indiana Jones either.. I know LucasArts employees would have been more into making one than some other studio which doen't care. Maybe we'll never see one again. :(
  • I feel bad for those who lost their job because their higher ups are mega assholes. As for any SW games in the future, I predict that there might be shittier SW games of the modern day than the Force Unleashed games (if that's possible). I bet Bethesda will create a Skyrim-plated Star Wars game full of glitches, or Treyarch could make a Call of Duty version of Star Wars with networking and lag issues LOL
  • They bought them out just to end up closing them down? Idiots.
  • Does no one remember the classic that was Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis? Another Lucasarts classic, I really hope that Disney knows what there doing and as far Star Wars, I have never been a fan so they can do what they like with that.
  • This is very sad news for me. I grew up playing LucasArts games. Dark Forces, Full Throttle, Maniac Mansion, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter... classics.
  • Sad times indeed!! Was really looking forward to SW 1313, it looked really promising. FU Disney! and I hope the people find more work soon
  • If this is the first of many in the long lines of ways Disney is going to screw Star Wars fans over, then I hope they go bankrupt.
  • i hope disney burns in hell. kinda suprised the news letter they released didnt have a penis or vagina hidden somewhere in it like most of their kids movies they make..sicko pedos. and to the person who said we care more about the studio then the people who work there..if the studio does not exist than neither do the jobs for them. if the studio is there then they would clearly have jobs and give us new SW games.
  • Grim Fandango...good times
  • i need star wars 1313!!! we all do (probably)! how can they do this to us??!!
  • Beat it Disney.
  • That does it, time to draw Donald Duck wearing pants out of spite!
  • Bastards!
  • I just got a tweet from Gearbox that they are looking for software programmers and developers. Hopefully some from LucasArts can make the transition.
  • Let boycot Disney for the first few years, fucking retards.
  • It's interesting how people who are (rightfully) sad about this, are only naming titles from over 10 years ago. LucasArts hasn't made an absolutely classic, outstanding game in quite some time, so this isn't the worst news out there. If anything, it increases the chances of better games coming out.
  • Dumbest shit I read all day. Feel bad for the people who are jobless now.
  • good going michael isner... wtf
  • They haven't made a great game for ages but damn it there's a lot of memories. X-wing vs Tie Fighter took up hours of my life as a kid, don't even want to get started of Monkey Island.
  • all the hatred towards disney.....who cashed in and sold out all those lucas arts employees? gerore lucas..........it was his greed that caused this, disney announced sometime ago they had no desire to be in video games anymore so all those concerned knew the score before anything was signed. sad for those who lost their jobs also sad for the idiots who cared more for a game they never seen the light of day off that probably would have never lived to the hype and turned out crap anyway like most of the star wars games on console since the snes. GET A REALITY CHECK PEOPLE......it's business and if the shoe don't fit why continue to wear it.....it's not like they said no more star wars games just not from them.
  • I'm glad this doesn't really matter in terms of trophies lol. Personally Star Wars has not been my cup of tea in terms of games. I respect everyone's opinion that likes their games, however it really won't effect me. I am kind of curious to see where some of the talented developers get scooped up by though...at least I hope they all get some relevant jobs at least...
  • Shame.....
  • Why do the good developers suffer like this and shitty ones (Sega, Activision, EA) reign supreme? LucasArts deserved better.
  • Bunch of bologna there. I cant believe disney really went that dbaggish.
  • @#46, what good games? Looking at the list of games they developed over the last 10 years, there's really not a whole lot of quality there. Anything good with the LucasArts logo on it was outsourced to another studio.
  • Utter bollocks.
  • Disney had a chance to make some awesome lucasarts game, like 1313, and maybe more Monkey Island. But now they will focus on making games for Star Wars ep 7, and maybe more kid friendly game. My Reaction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiZNSzWIaLo
  • The industry seems pretty crappy at the moment.
  • Fuck. Was really looking forward to Star Wars 1313. Really sorry for the folks losing their jobs - really sucks.
  • Wh...what? I just...what? :( Lucasarts either made or had a hand in the first modern video games I ever got to play. I was really looking forward to Star Wars 1313. And all those developers losing their jobs! Damn you, Disney...
  • Wow. That. Thoroughly. BLOWS. B... LOWS.
  • Disney I hate you. Fortunately the brilliant minds that made Monkey Island, Full Trottle, Grim Fandango and more created a company called Telltale.
  • Just when I thought the Lucas film buyout was going to be a good thing, Disney pulls this crap on us. shame on you Disney, shame on you
  • Not gonna rant on how devastated I am that we're losing 1313 and Front Assault... I don't have enough words to express those sentiments. Instead, I'll say that I hope that those who now have to worry about how they're going to feed their kids find some sort of solution, and soon. R.I.P. :(
  • First Assault*
  • As an aside, anyone looking at the articles posted today can only conclude that the problems the game industry are pretty deep right now. But as bad as this is for the people who worked for LucasArts, maybe this is necessary. It might be time to get these corporate machines out of the gaming industry, and take it back to people who, you know, care about games (and yes, before some cynical jerk comes out and mocks this, such companies DO exist).
  • Lucas Arts made some awesome games. Twenty years ago. It's sad all those devs are losing their jobs but this is hardly surprising.
  • damn i wanted to play 1313.
  • Don't really care. They didn't show enough of the game for me to get excited about it. The only game I hope doesn't get cancelled is Versus XIII.
  • Bad move Disney... :,(
  • well this is just sad =(
  • @25 Your really not funny both Skyrim and COD are great games just because you probably suck at both and are the sort of dumbass that blames lag and glitches because of your lack of skill doesn't mean the games suck it means you suck AT them!
  • Right when I thought Disney couldn't get any dumber...
  • LucasArts has died years ago. Making it official is an act of mercy and will finally give all those mourning peace.
  • How much do you guys wanna bet that as soon the new movies are ready to come out Activision will be all over Disney to make crapy adaptations for them? Mark my words...
  • This is kinda sad for me. I was really interested in SW 1313. It may have been shit, maybe it could have been good like SW TFU1. Too bad I will never find out now :(
  • Well fuck you to Disney.
  • It makes since for Disney to not own a company who makes rated M games,give the idea to someone else like EA or Ubisoft. Star Wars 1313 looked like it would be a great game, Ubisoft or EA can make the game, they even might bring back Battlefront 3
  • Disney really do not care about corporate image do they? Around 150 people are set to lose their jobs over this closure, for what lowering risk? As if Disney are ever going to be defunct, even if the new Star Wars movies are absolute trash they'll still make billions! A great studio which made great games, feel for everyone effected by the redundancies.
  • I wasn't excited at all for Star Wars 1313, since it would've ended up being like the Force Unleashed, way overhyped and in the end, everyone being disappointed....again.
  • Why in the hell would they do this!?!? :( I LOVED the Star wars Battlefront series, I had all of them for Ps2/PSP. Disney is on my Sh*t list now -_-
  • @65 Well that's ok, I got a reaction out of someone, which I expected given the state of how people operate nowadays. Perhaps you ought to not take things so seriously and start thowing insults when you feel butthurt (if what you said is even considered an insult). "OH NOES SOMEONE SAID I'M BAD AT PLAYING CERTAIN VIDEO GAMES MAH LIFE IS OVA!!!!!" XD Good shit there sir
  • meh,,,,, STAR TREK is better anyway
  • Did I just hear George Lucus just say, "whoops"?
  • Good going Disney... while only some of your games are enjoyable... I actually do fear for any future Star Wars titles now O.o Makes me wonder which company Disney is going to target next...
  • erm, dont even know who that company was lol.
  • I couldn't care less
  • Obscure and irrelevant inserted here. Good for you Disney, show our god Lucas that you fear not the ire of his followers and will allow Jar-Jar to stand hand-in-hand with the mouse as figure heads. As a licensee, may studios such as Moon and Theory take the re-boot helm of Star Wars games and drive them into the final frontier, not into the ground as some have done...well most have done honestly. In the future, we shall call it an iDeathstar.
  • Stupid Mickey Mouse and its world domination. They have Marvel, Star Wars. Wonder which company will be next. And I think we all know how bad the next movie will be. Sorry but it can go both ways, good as in Avengers or bad as in John Carter. BTW you all know a trekie is the new director right?
  • George Lucas wouldn't of sold his company if he knew Disney would shut down the whole company.
  • I loved Pixar back before Disney acquired them. Loved the idea that Pixar head honcho John Lasseter believed in originality by not letting sequels be made for any of the animation movies that they made (excusing Toy Story 2, which was all Disney's doing). Disney gets Pixar. We get dismal Cars 2, soon to be followed by Monsters University and now I hear Finding Nemo 2. Ugh. See a pattern here?
  • another maker to show that once disney get's it's hand's on something, it die's. correct me if im wrong but they own marvel comic's as well. and we have all seen what has happened to them movie's as far as keeping to the luster of the comic's storyline's.
  • Fuck Disney is right but it does make total sense from a business perspective for them, still though... fuck 'em!
  • lol Damn...
  • Asura's Wrath: YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Am i the only one who is sad that there isn't going to be another force unleashed game? Damn u disney. Also, it's such a shame about sw: 1313. I was looking forward to it :(
  • @72: It doesn't actually. If lucusarts had been making the M rated games then Disney didn't have to slap ther name on it; eg. touchstone (yes they are moving away from such use use hence why they parted ways with Obluvion and sold it on to Universal). Is it me that sees more sense in Disney alligning Lucusarts with Pixar? we know disney is turning its back on video games hence them licensing out there own movies (§€$£) rather than create them internally. Lucus could have delt with Cg adaptaions of Marvel, Indiana ans SW and stop letting anyone make them like Lucus started (and disney has escalated)
  • about time. cant make games right? shouldnt be around.
  • Well, we can these goodbye and know they wont be coming out now. Goodbye: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III. Star Wars: Republic Commando 2 Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and so on so forth with the great games from LucasArts we'll never see now. If they ruin the new movies, that's the end of SW as we know it. And knowing Disney with their 'it's great on paper, let's put it to the test on the big screen!' methods never work out, so I'm actually a little afraid of the outcome of the new films and any new games they bring out. Also: sorry to those that lost their jobs. That's the business world for you. Should always have a Plan 'B' when working with companies like that. ~ Rafdog89
  • Some very sad news... Have a lot of fond memories playing many LucasArts titles over the last 25 years. Best of luck to all those and affected...
  • Wow all the news at ps3t.org is about games failing. EA saying dead space 3 failed, square enix saying tomb raider hitman have failed and now lucasarts fails. Geez Wtf is going on here????
  • I hope Disney go under. They won't, but I hope nonetheless...
  • The evil Disney corporation strikes again. They'll do same with Marvel next I bet.
  • @97 Is a recession man. The adults usually buy games pre-owned or d/l the game(for free) online. Meanwhile, the kids parents buy them brand new games the companies profit from. And the kids wanna play call of duty. Is a shame because there are so many games out there that are way better than CoD. Smh
  • this could be good. the only games with their name on it that i really enjoyed were the kotor games and they were done by bioware. theres a lot of potential in this.
  • wtf man that sucks i feel sorry for the people who lost they jobs
  • Couldn't agree more with #5!!
  • Hopefully a better publisher will pick up Battlefront III, not sure if I would really trust Disney to do it anyway.
  • @76 Sounds like your the one butthurt...I don't need to listen to nerds like you who get so wound up over a simple reply now calm down sir.
  • Not going to lie, I wanted to say some things that made me out to be an asshole but I'm not going to because when I thought about it it's like no matter how you feel about Star wars, Star Trek, Lord of The Rings(YES I KNOW LUCAS ARTS DID ONLY ONE OF THEM, I'M MAKING A POINT SO STFU)it's peoples' lives here and their livelihood so the people bashing on here, even if it is for reaction need to grow the fuck up. You either live with your mommies still or have no sense of the real world and don't see how bad this sucks.
  • As sad as it is that so many LucasArts developers are losing their jobs, the good news is that it frees them up to be employed at other companies with bigger vision. I have extremely fond memories of Battlefront I and II, Maniac Mansion, and others, but as someone else pointed out, Lucasarts hasn't really done anything groundbreaking in the last four years. Also, cream always rises to the top. SW 1313 maybe mothballed or shuffled between companies for a time, but I don't think we've seen the last of it: too many people with deep pockets have shown interest in the game. Even for a cutthroat company, if there is a market for a half-finished project, that is financial incentive to finish the project. Whether the end product will have the same level of continuity and vision as the initial design is another issue. However, there are many creative directors at companies who would give their left arm to make/complete an "adult" SW game. I don't think SW 1313 is going to go quietly into the night. "Rage, rage against the dying of the light!"
  • @107: Really? Because Star Wars 1313 looks like a pretty troubled game to me. Games that go through fundamental design transformations before release are rarely huge hits (and you can extend that to any form of media). Dylan Thomas quote noted, the fact is, if Star Wars 1313 was really that big of a winner, there wouldn't be multiple people trying to change its design and concept.
  • Yea Disney knows how to mess up anything they acquire. Why close LucasArts where you can make money on games.
  • I hate the attitude of social to mobile being the way to go.. I will never give up on my disc's.. if I am forced forced to begin downloading games I will quit video gaming permanently.. Which would suck because I love gaming.
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