April US PlayStation Plus Update Adds Demon's Souls to the Instant Game Collection

Lee Bradley

Sony has announced details of its US PS Plus April update, which brings at least five free games to the subscription service.

Top of the pack is the lauded Demon’s Souls, joining Malicious and Labyrinth Legends for PS3, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny for PSP and Vita, and Zombie Tycoon 2 for PS3 and Vita.

And in addition to that, members can also get discounts on The Walking Dead, Rainbow Moon and Söldner-X for the rest of this week.

Head on over to the US PS Blog for more.

  • not bad plus
  • I'll probably get Demon's Souls.
  • For the people who've played Demon Souls, would you say the game was better than Dark Souls, I've been meaning to check it out for a while now and it's fairly cheap in the UK, are the bosses better than Dark Souls?
  • so i got a Demon's Souls platinum for both the NA and Asia regions, can I get another one for the digital copy too? Can't remember if those lists are separate.
  • The lists are the same for both physical and digital.
  • I have platinumed demons souls NA and it was amazing. I would do.it again for UK and JAP. Haven't started dark souls yet but I hear its less difficult. I'm curious on what the discount will be for rainbow. And if there will be a price cut for reg users without plus.
  • @3, I have played and platinumed both and I can say that Dark Souls improved on Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls was a great game. I would say that Dark Souls is on the whole better but Demon's Souls is an excellent game in its own right so I would get it if it is cheap (or even if its not).
  • thats cool, always heard good things about Demon souls i just never picked it up, Good thing i guess
  • More shit I don't want.
  • Ugggh another crappy month... i'm glad i keep few games in my backlog
  • Oh boy, more old as dirt games! Keep that lack of value coming, Sony!
  • @3 go for it. Personally i enjoyed more demon souls over dark souls, but both are great games
  • Demon's Soul? An other great month for me :D The other game doesn't look bad either.
  • ok i like psn+ but im not into rpgi jry it becasue its a free game but i dont see me playing Demon’s Souls
  • Walking dead season pass discount, wasn't walking dead already been given away free to NA PS+ members?
  • @15 just the first two episodes. They aren't for free, they're just discounted
  • @11 Hardly matters how old a game is if most people haven't played it. And that's not even mentioning the amount of enjoyment someone could get out of playing it. Seems like I'll end up passing on the offerings this month. I got TWD when it was on sale during the Gamers' Choice and I personally didn't enjoy Demon's Souls when I tried it out a few years back.
  • Cool!!! Whoever doesnt have Demons Souls must play it now... When I first got it, i played through the first lvl, Boleteria, and died numerous times, then thought to myself, this is rediculously hard.. forget this and took it out and never touched it for like 8 months, then Dark Souls was about 2 weeks from being released and I preordered it, knowing already what I was in for... and in those 2 weeks i played Demons Souls.. and decided to focus, and really try, and not rush the lvl, and play like my life is on the line, dieing like for real.. and i beat it... still died alot, but not as much.. and wasa able to pass a bunch of worlds.. only one i couldnt pass to this day is the 1-4 boss... thats where i'm saved now i believe...
  • for once im a big jealous of the US plus store. congrats on a good month US! but we got walking dead discounts last week :D just had to rub that in a bit
  • People have no reason to complain about PS Plus, yet they do it anyway lol.
  • i just bought rainbow moon and i havent play it.. and it has a "discount".... yaaareee darrrrrr!!!!
  • Looks like a decent month
  • Hmm, might pick up Demon's Souls and see how long it takes for me to rage quit and uninstall the game in frustration.
  • @12: Agreed -- I played through Demon's Souls a few times, but couldn't even finish Dark Souls. Something about it just didn't do it for me, I guess. @23: It's not as bad as you've heard, really. And there are plenty of glitches and workarounds to get around the worst parts if you're so inclined.
  • Not feeling this month. Maybe something good will have a discount
  • littlebigplannet karting already!?
  • I keep saying Demon's Souls is overrated and I wouldn't play it. So I decided it was about time I'd shut up and play the game. Downloading as I'm typing this. God, give me strength.
  • Too bad Demon's Soul server are no more. Plat'ing this game is gonna be nightmare.
  • As much as I have it and beat it countless times and got a platinum in it. It is a nice addition for the people who do not have it, a game that truly deserved GOTY. Dark souls improved upon it in every way as well fantastic series, cannot wait to see if they make a 3rd and what it will be (and how hard it will be!).
  • @#29 Demon's Souls GOTY? Lol. It only won GOTY from Gamespot. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves DESTROYED the competition, winning a world record 200+ GOTY awards. You were saying? (smirk).
  • Wow, you've done well again NA guys.
  • Lame... Demon Souls is so cheap now it costs like only US $5-10 here.
  • @29 they are making a 3rd... some early artwork/screenshots is all they've released..
  • Great game but still a worthless update since I beat Demon Souls 3x on my own ages ago and even got the plat after that I have no desire to play again. Only have four months including this one for Plus to get decent I'd say it will remain worthless for me. :(
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