Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Trailer Speaks of the Devil

Richard Walker

A sweary, explosion-packed new trailer for Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel has landed to coincide with the announcement of the co-op demo, set for March 12th. The vid, as you'd expect, is an action-laden affair that makes the game look rather exciting, as Alpha and Bravo take on the ruthless drug cartels.

In the forthcoming demo, you'll have to rescue a politician (why would you want to do that?) and diffuse a wider hostage situation, teaming up to survive against the heavily-armed gangs. Perform enough co-op actions with your buddy and you'll be able to unleash Overkill, plugging enemies full of lead without having to reload.

Check out the latest trailer below and meet the game's red-masked antagonist known as 'El Diablo', then you can download the demo next week. Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is out on March 26th in North America and March 29th in Europe.

  • This game looks awesooooome!
  • That trailer does look sick and I believe they found a way to sneak Salem and Rios in there... or at least the T.W.O. have a lot more members now. I wonder if the female lead is that same that used to divvy out instructions to us in the first 2 games.
  • @2 pretty sure she died in an helicopter crash back in the second game. Yeah, they managed to put the original TWO in but they're face is very different.
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