Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Screens Show More Pirate Shenanigans

Richard Walker

You can see what happens when you attempt to shave a man's neck with a cutlass in this latest batch of screenshots from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, which also show new hero Edward Kenway hanging out with his pirate homie Blackbeard, as well as braving the high seas in his very own galleon, the Jackdaw.

You'll also get to see some of the lush jungle environments Edward will be able to explore, and the Mayan Ruins harbouring lost secrets and mysterious treasures. There's a further glimpse at the naval battles too, which will play a far greater role in the game, as you traverse between islands and seek booty on the horizon.

Take a look at all six screenshots below, then if you haven't read it already, check out our preview packed chock-full of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag details. The game is out on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe.

[Via Game N Train]

  • Wait, is Edward wearing eye shadow...? Jack Sparrow style?
  • I'm still on Brotherhood just let me catch up
  • I think that hidden blade is losing it's meaning, there was not much need for it in AC3
  • @3 well said. Seemed like I had to force myself to ever use it
  • So I'm guessing these are ps3 shots. I would like to see what it looks like on ps4.
  • there making so many dam games, next there will be a cartoon or something. please just stop > your ACIII game FAILED in sales , it went from a $60 game to a $27 game on PSN. IF THAT DOESNT smack you in the face hopefully the this one will
  • Although I hate the setting, the colours look fantastic in these pics!
  • @ #6 ..... dont hate dude ... lol the game is cool as always :) so they have a lot of people working on it so they can make a new one every year?! good for them, just like activision has a ton of people working on Call of Duty every year ... i bet you love those huh? :) and with their $45+ DLC lol This game just looks amazing its gonna be my first PS4 game most likely and i cant wait to go dual blading everybody :P
  • @2 WAIT! Stop there, They do not need more money! Soon you will be playing side by side with Mass Effect, in 'Assassin's Creed: Lost Story'.
  • Assassin Pirates now -_- desperate.
  • Although becoming an old series, this looks much vetter than AC3
  • Better *
  • Will this be on the ps4 as well?
  • I preordered it from gamestop, got a cool poster with a Caribbean Islands circa 1715, anyway I think I'll cancel that preorder, I decided I'm done with Assassins Creed
  • @ those who want PS4 copies. they didn't mention at all(that i know of) of a ps4 release of it. maybe next year's game will be PS4
  • Same old casual combat with handholding platforming, now in another new lick of paint. Can't wait for the gaming crash.
  • @15 I think that the sentence "Also available in next-gen consoles" is pretty conclusive, to me at least.
  • Don't they get tired of making the same game a bunch of times in a row?
  • @10 they aren't desperate. They're capitalizing on the best aspect of AC3 which was the Aquila and the naval battles. Although I believe it would have been better to explore a game based around that concept that wasn't under the assassin's creed name. @the rest of the haters. Why waste your time with your negative posts? You don't like it? Guess what, you dont have to buy it. There are plenty of other games that have the philosophy of "if it isnt broken then dont fix it." CoD is the best (and worst example), God of War, etc. and a lot of people worship those games. if your going to complain about the same game being produced every year, make sure your complaints arent hypocritical and target the industry for a lack of creativity and innovation
  • @19 It's good to know someone shares the same perspective. I could not have said it any better myself.
  • @6 How about you learn some facts before talking about sales. AC3 is the best selling AC game with almost 10 million sales from ps3 and 360. Who judges sales based on the price of a game. I doubt the game is still $27 on psn.
  • *edit* It is not the best selling but it is the fastest selling AC game to date and is within 1 million of both AC and AC2
  • I pre-ordered today and the cashier said that it will be for ps4. But he said that right now you pre-order for ps3, then when announced for ps4, you can switch it over.
  • @19, I wouldn't say that im Hating on this game... but I like the Assassin Creed series, and have every entry in it, including the psp and vita game... but realistically, the games are getting kinda same ol... AC 1 was good, AC 2 was by far the best, AC 2 Brotherhood was kinda alright but seemed like pointless expansion... AC 2 Revelations was so boring, i only beat it because i ahd picked up AC3 and didnt want to start that whilst being half way through Rev, then AC3 has been my go to game for the last month or so that i play when im shit bored and dont feel like story driven/racing/shooting/sport games... The problem that the series is facing is not the quality of the games, its the quantity. AC4 is the 6 main entry in the series, in (im not certain but pretty sure) in around 6 years... most games have two year cycles, sometimes even three.... If we were only just getting Brotherhood/Revelations... then getting AC3 in say Late 2014-Early 2015 then everyone would be saying YES! fresh entry in an awesome series! and wouldn't be pointing out the obvious, Eh! another almost identical game thats main change is a move further away from the series origins... I like the series, but the only saving grace for this new one for me is the fact it will (hopefully) be a launch Title for PS4... and that gives me a few more months before i buy it... Annual games ALWAY end up like this, COD, Guitar Hero, now this... they only annual games that work are Sporting games, and thats mainly because they offer refreshed teams/some improvements... but unlike AC, if i skip an entry in the Fifa series i don't feel like im missing a story point, i only feel like im missing my fav teams latest kit...
  • @24 nope, just because a game takes longer to make doesn't its going to be any better, also most of the games where in production at the same time as another one. Also I love every single game in the series and like that I don't need to wait several extra years to have got this far in it. But yeah if had to wait till 2014/5 to get ACIII my reaction would have been closer to this, fucking finally, the long wait is over.
  • The simpletons at Ubisoft should focus on broken games like ac liberation and maybe fix that before moving onto the next game. I'm appalled that this many people are so stoked for this game even after the ac3 and liberation glitch fest. How quickly we forget.
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