EA Announce Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Games

Richard Walker

Today in predictable, mega-obvious news, EA has announced Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows video games, which will be released in two parts as per the movies, which have been spun out into two chapters to better explore the dark, involving story.

Or better still, the book has been cut into two to stretch out the franchise and make double the money. And that also means two separate Harry Potter video game tie-ins - Deathly Hallows - Parts 1 & 2.

EA has released four new screens of the upcoming game, which sees Harry and crew on the run from relentless enemies as they seek to destroy the secret to Lord Voldemort's immortality and massive power - the Horcruxes. And it'll be the darkest Potter game yet according to Jonathan Bunney, VP and Head of Production at EA Bright Light Studio.

"The final Harry Potter adventure has given us the opportunity to make a darker and more action-oriented game than we have before," said Bunney. "We believe we are creating a Harry Potter game that the HD console gaming generation will appreciate and enjoy. We have built new technology specifically to allow us to prove that magic is a truly potent force and, in this game, players will need to use all their skills if they want to survive."

There it is then - dark Harry, fight for survival, powerful magic, in two parts. All four screenshots are in the gallery.

  • They're releasing the games in two parts as well!? What the hell!?
  • Oh quit whining - it's a game isn't it
  • 2 parts?? Wow I guess they are trying to make as much money as they can out of this one!
  • @#2 lol what?
  • fuck you EA you greedy bastards
  • ive read the books but never played the games are thy any good?
  • 2 games = Double the trophies. :)
  • hahaXD man this game looks terreble! it better have 2 easy platinums, otherwhise they won't make any sales at all!
  • Woohoo?
  • No Quidditch and Potionmaking required if I remember correctly. That will be 2 veeery easy plats.
  • I've read IGN's preview and seen the trailer, I'm excited. :)
  • 2 parts 2 easy plats
  • This is just going be another crappy tie-in so I'll be avoiding it!
  • Well, the trophies for the last one took forever because of all the crest collecting and the Quidditch and potion making so if this is more of an "action-adventure" game we might get more linear trophies, specially with them having to make "two" games in two years.
  • I bet a trophy for the second part will be something like play the Deathly Hallows: Part one
  • not for me
  • People actually expected it to be in 1 part? Wow.
  • How much shall we wager on whether or not the Lego Harry Potter games turn out to be more enjoyable? What's that? You'd like to bet the controlling shares of EA?
  • Man, some of you HP/EA haters are ridiculous. If the movie is in two parts, why the hell would they release both at the same time in game-form? Fact is, OOTP on the Wii was fantastic, as was HBP on PS3. EA's gotten better with every entry in the series, so I'm pretty excited about this one.
  • a perfect game for the PS Move
  • hbp was half decent but was epicly short think it it took me like 3 hours
  • So...the last book was really long, so the split the movie into two parts, so they split the game into two parts, so they split the....book...into...two parts.. Someone explain.
  • @22 no the last book was just 1 but they wanted to put alot of detail into the movie they made it 2 parts
  • I heard that this is going to work like a third-person shooter :D
  • ha look at harry potter he looks like a fat hobo
  • @25: You need to learn what "fat" and "hobo" mean.
  • The one thing that really interests me is the fact that one of the screens shows Harry using cover. If they really turn it into a third person type game without the long drawn out movements for spells, it could really turn out as a sleeper.
  • 2 parts 2 platinums double win :)
  • Ok for a movie tie in this looks ok. has anybody else noticed that all the movie games have been relesed on 3 gnerations of consoles.
  • Hmmmmm this looks decent. It's definitely going to be a different style of gameplay. Free roaming in the castle was getting too old. Maybe I'll give this one a shot.
  • #27 I sincerely agree!
  • from the trailer it looks more like a 3rd person shooter than a harry potter game... just with spells instead of guns
  • saw the 2 part game coming a long time ago when they said there where doing the movie in two parts
  • I was wondering about this one myself, since it's a tie in game to the movies. I wasn't sure if they were to do it as one full game after the two movies have been released or in two parts. I for one am kinda split between it. But I would've liked it to be one whole game myself
  • #27 - if you go to ign.com they have a preview. you're right. it is a third person shooter with wands.
  • EPIC! cant wait
  • Oh guys it will be in third person with a cover system I am predicting it will have a rip off InFamous, uncharted and GTA combat.
  • Knowing EA, I'm surprised they didn't add a multiplayer to Harry Potter. XDDDDD
  • 2 games 2 plats I am actually excited for this now that they are finally taking a darker take to game series, the games in past seemed to cheery when they weren't supposed to be or was it just me?
  • I can under stand y it's in two part because of the movies gonna be in two parts.
  • 2 games 2 plats But also 2 times $60.
  • I love Harry Potter, so I'll probably buy this. I own every other game in the series /Except 4, which was absolute garbage), and number 6, which I haven't gotten yet. So these I shall have!
  • blame warner bros not ea for the stretching money into parts i & II bits 2 movies yahoohole!
  • @#8 - is that all you care about - easy platinums - i don't care if i never platinum a game - i'll still play it
  • #11 me too :) the tralier looked awesome...even in hi res :D
  • #44 im with you. easy platinums just attract most of the people for this game...but not us :)
  • and most of us know that this game will be a 3rd person shooter...even me. just don't expect multiplayer
  • i 2 am pleased that this will b in 2parts!
  • These games can always be finished in a week's rental time anyway, so no need to worry about price too much :) .. Worst comes to worst, it's two more disreputable platinums to bump up my already shameful trophy list! I've finished every Harry Potter game thus far, and I always enjoy them, being a casual fan of the books, so even if they decide to do something stupid like MP wizard duels, I'll still be happy as a .. [reference fail imminent] .. Hippogriff in Hogsmeade :D
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