Take-Two Wrestles WWE License From THQ

Lee Bradley

Rockstar and 2K parent company Take-Two has acquired the WWE licence from THQ.

In an effort to make the transition as smooth as possible, the series will continue to be developed by Yuke’s, the outfit that has produced the games for the past 13 years. Take-Two has also snapped up a number of ex-THQ employees that had previously worked on the series. So it’s business as usual.

The deal is good news for THQ, which was under threat of legal action for incurred losses from both Yuke’s and WWE. According to a Bloomberg report the claims "would exceed $30 million and might exceed $60 million." 

“By working together to transition development of WWE games going forward the parties have minimised the harm to WWE and Yuke's, which have, in turn, agreed to substantial reductions of their claims", the report concludes.

Apparently, WWE was owed $45 million before THQ went into bankruptcy, in addition to a further $7.5 million - the annual royalty fee for developing the series. Meanwhile, Yuke's was owed $15-20 million, of which THQ has agreed to pay $4.75 million. The publisher will also return the shares it owns in the studio.

Last month, a THQ auction saw the majority of its assets, including games and studios, auctioned off to the highest bidder.

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  • We can only hope Take 2 demand an online experience better than THQ kept churning out!
  • Online is ok...but I am more interested to see what they can come up with to keep the franchise "fresh". I thought something they could do that would be great would be to do what was done in the Madden Games as well as Legends of Wrestlemania. Include scenarios! The game puts you in situations based on real life past matches and has you try to revisit history. After all, aside from a much larger roster, what new things can they do?? Thoughts anyone?
  • unless they do a total reboot the wwe games will be as stale as ever. after all year after year same game just different roster line up,new menu,a name change mostly a number increase and a soundtrack and they always say the new improved wwe game when it's just the same thing released over and over like fifa. but unlike fifa nothing really changes for the better of the series.
  • @#3: The WWE Series was just rebooted beginning with WWE '12 (changed from SmackDown vs. Raw), but seeing that it's being taken over by a completely different company, they might reboot the reboot. WWE 2K14 anyone? @#2: Maybe the can use the MLB Today feature from MLB 2K12, but a bit differently. Every Tuesday they could upload the matches from that previous nights Raw and let us replay them. They can also do that for PPVs too. Just a thought.
  • There's no need for a reboot, just remake Here comes the pain with improved graphics/engine
  • What they need to do is bring back the ability to have Falls Count Anywhere Matches that let you transition from the ring to the crowd and to backstage and all that. They did it in one of the old PS1 installments I think it was. I mean, these kinds of matches happen in real wrestling, so why can't we have them on a game. Also, would it kill them to increase the amount of people allowed in the ring at once. Even if just for a Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble game on Dreamcast allowed support for up to 9 people in the ring at once and it was great fun. With the power consoles have now they should be able to have more than freakin' 6 people in the ring.
  • I understand the wrestling pun. But it doesn't feel like wrestling so much as stealing candy from a dribbling, incompetent, retarded baby.
  • I'd like to see total reboot in the style of the N64 WWE games. No Mercy is still probably the best wrestling game ever released. WWE All Stars is probably the closest modern equivalent but falls way short of No Mercy.
  • @#2, have you not played '13? u can do scenarios based on history, in DX path etc. so its in already. It needs a true online mode with the abbility to increase/decrease stats based on win loss record, maybe difficult to pull off but it needs to be a wrestling aMMO of sorts so u can interfer in others games to manipulate situations
  • @#2 Yea if you played wwe'13 you could take back that statement cause that is basically all attitude era was. That definitely was by far my favorite out of any of the games. They need to have that + the legends one from legends of wrestlemania so we have legends and attitude era and the next game can have some of the major great matches that happened after the attitude era. They need to fix online servers and implement something that STOPS people from abusing moves that let them do it 20 times or more in a row non-stop. They need to get rid of this bullshit kick out system and bring back the mashing of the buttons. I am still conflicted about the not having to toe-kick or set people up for finishers or signature moves. I personally would like to have the ability to select who ever is in the rumble while waiting on the one person you actually picked and selected as a random entrant (instead of just choosing who ever is next to come out). Actual response of the buttons would be greatly appreciated again. Tired of fighting with friends and you hit the finisher button 5 times before it actually does the move then your blamed for hesitating like a punk just for a win. I could probably keep going on but lets just hope the next one (if it gets released this year) will actually be good all the way around and not just in graphics and story.
  • @6 real wrestling lol that made me laugh.
  • They are only the publishers, Yukes still develops the game still. Just hoping they contribute more to the game since THQ was so poor to not do it well
  • @11 that made me laugh too lol
  • @#12, yes they are the publisher but as stated they are also taking on part of the former THQ development team to wrk alongside Yukes so hopefully they will habe ther own ideas and get them implemented
  • I'm more interested to see what feature their gonna highlight this year, more match types? I say yes! Also keep the DLC train rolling until at least June. January is a terrible cut off date for DLC.
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