PlayStation 4 Could be Unveiled in May, Hints Sony Exec

Lee Bradley

Sony’s PlayStation 4 may be unveiled before this year’s E3 and perhaps even as early as May.

That’s according to Sony Home Entertainment's vice-president Hiroshi Sakatomi. When quizzed on the next gen by Spanish outlet, Sakatomi said, "I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. [The] announcement may be in that minute or even earlier in May."

Pushed on whether the reveal would be a major announcement or a minor reveal, Sakatomi said "Probably the first. In that time we expect to deliver great news, but we must wait until May at least."

The tease comes following a report by research firm Baird Equity, which also suggests that the PlayStation 4 will be announced before E3. The report also states that the unit will cost $400 and launch in October, one month before the Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called).

  • Hmm, the $400 sounds pretty good. Atleast reasonable.
  • As much as I hate the idea for the next generation consoles coming out so soon. The PS4 needs to come out before 720. Look what happened when 360 came out before PS3, everyone put away their PS2's and got it. The same could happen to those who have 360's.
  • Looking forward to May / June then. I'm impatient to discover what it will look like, its specifications and the first details about the games that will be available for it. And hopefully the worst rumors we've heard about this new console are not true. Fingers crossed...
  • Yeah.... but does it blend?
  • $400!?!?!? HOLY SH*T BALLS! That's like £250, and that is indeed an extremely reasonable price. I believe I bought my second hand PS3 for around £180. If that price is legit, I'll no doubt be buying one instantly!
  • The PS4 is a day 1 purchase for me. The PS1, PS2 & PS3 have all been absolutely fantastic to me so I'm keeping the faith that the PS4 will be the same. I am a firm believer in brand loyalty
  • @5 - This is Sony though, they usually pick a number and use it across the board.
  • @2 what do you mean so soon? So soon after you bought your PS3 or so soon after PS3 was launched? cause by the time PS4 comes out the PS3 will be 8 yrs old. You call that 'soon', really? @5 Usually if you see something for $400 in the US then you can be sure as shit it will be at least £400 over here after all the various taxes are added. Sorry to dampen your enthusiasm mate, but thats what has happened to every other piece of hardware released ever. Personally think its time for next gen as current machines are great but are showing their age now as technology is moving on at a fast pace.
  • let's see what the new console will have to offer and let's hope there will be compatibility to at least all the PS3 games digital or disc because many many people paid too much money to buy them either from the stores or online via the PS Store. And also for all members of PS+ to be able to keep their subscriptions at no extra costs, not that they will give away PS4 games to PS+ subscribers of course...he he.
  • Can't wait to see the specs :) Finally the bottle neck of console development will be broadened - a win across all platforms.
  • I expect a pre-E3 reveal, so they can focus on the games during the E3. $400 would be nice, but almost impossible you would say! As for buying it: I always wait at least till the next iteration of the console (e.g. the PS3 slim), because of pricedrop and early bugs.
  • I can't wait for this. I hope they use the same psn accounts so we can keep our trophies. I'm trying to plat all of my games before we get the ps4.
  • "I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. [The] announcement may be in that minute or even earlier in May." He forgot to mention which year :p In all seriousness, really hope the announcement is that soon! Not to sure if I'm liking the October release date, if true.
  • Good news, but I never buy new consoles straight out the gate, there's always teething problems. I know a lot of people who had issues with early PS3s. I'll wait a while thanks.
  • @8 FAIL! The $400 asking price includes all the taxes, VAT and other bullshit that it costs importing it from Japan, and the last thing the Europeans would do is import them from the US, why would we, we can easily import them from Japan, like we do with EVERY OTHER Japanese console, so if it costs $400 other there it would cost £250. And yes, 8 years is too soon, the PS2 lasted for 15 years, and the PS3 feels like it still has another 4 in it atleast, if not 7, ignore what Naughty Dog said about Uncharted, we still haven't pushed the (not so) old girl to her limits yet. @7 since when?
  • @15 It won't be £250 just because it's $400 in the States. Europeans always pay more because it is believed that we can afford more. Which is probably why we pay more for fuel and VAT too.
  • Please don't ban used games. Please make it backwards compatible so I can put my PS3 away. Please keep the free PSN as well as the optional Plus version. And please give me a decent size hard drive at launch. Oh and I guess let our trophies carry over.
  • @2 and @15, A year or so ago, I would have agreed with you, but the PS3 is starting to show its age. I'm not a massive expert on processing powers and so fourth, but limits are being reached. In part, I'm blaming publishers. I've noticed that the majority of games I've bought in the past year only install patch data and dlc onto the hard drive. The games themselves actually run off the disc (part of this whole drm/ownership thing). Hence we get more frequent, longer loading screens. Maybe I only notice it because I mainly play RPGs, but if we can get rid of all the loading screens, I will (begrudgingly) welcome the next generation.
  • It is time for next gen-consoles, and like #18 said, consoles that don't have 'Loading....' screens. $400 is perfect! Beats the $660 I paid for my launch PS3. I will wait for a slim PS4 though I'm curious to see how realistic next gen-console graphics can be. Hoping Sony DOESN'T call it "PS4" cause of the meaning in Japan
  • Oh yes! sony are getting it right this time! reasonable launch price, getting a head start on microsoft, getting decent AAA titles developed for launch (I hope!) it's looking really good! If it's backwards compatible with PS3 software and that price isn't bogus, then I'm waiting in-line on day 1
  • It will be at least 2 after it launches before I get one as launch day consoles always have big problems. If the second-hand games lock out comes into effect I won't get one anyway, as I refuse to have my buying practices dictated to me.
  • I think this will happen if u look at all of sonys exclusives next year sly cooper, god of war, beyond and the last of us they are all getting released in the 1st half of the year! The second half of the year is empty so I reckon they will release it end of November in Japan and the US and in December or January for Europe (because we're always late to the party)! I hope we get a really strong launch lineup e.g. Killzone, Gran turismo, Little big planet, A console version of planetside 2. And a few new titles from some of sonys studios, Sucker punch, Sonys Japan studio, Sony Santa Monica to name a few! I hope something comes out from the other half of naughty dog! Can't wait!
  • I also hope Sony start getting a few PC exclusive games on the ps4 like DayZ, Diablo etc!
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Yea it will definitely be announced before e3, sony doesnt want to share the limelight with anyone esle.
  • @#20 backwards compatible is a bonus on a new console....sure we would all love to have it but i for one buy a new console to play new games not the old stuff. after all the crap with it on ps3 who really really used it?(truthfully now) some only used it as a stick to beat sony with when they stopped including it.........same people who moan about anything sony. suppose you want ps3,ps2 as well as ps one........heck go the whole hog demand psp umd drive for its games. lol
  • [Comment deleted]
  • I think the most realistic line-up for the ps4 would be kz4, infamous or a new ip by suckerpunch, lbp or new ip by media molecule, gran turismo but most likely a few months after release and i believe there might be an all stars sequel. But i would like to see warhawk 2 and im guessing diablo 3 will most likely launch with both consoles as theyre working on it now with current gen consoles. Games like last of us, and gta5 will be ported for sure and theres other studios such as naughty dogs uncharted half but we'll have to wait and see what theyre doing
  • @27 i agree with ya there. history tells us if its $400 in the states it will be £400 in the uk maybe a tad more. they don't call it rip of britian for nothing :) american gamers don't know how much better of they are :( seriously £250 for a ps4 no matter what the specs are..your living in a dreamland.
  • Would assume accounts will carry over seeings as they general accounts for SEN now but would be nice if they could bring in option to select new ID. And ability to upgrade sub-accounts to master account status too. Anyway, better get saving my pennies!
  • Can you play the PS3 games on the PS4 system? And will your keeping the trophies? And I bet if the ps4 is released before the 720, a lot of 360 users will buy a ps4, for sure.
  • I'm just skeptical about how much more the ps4 will have over ps3. I mean they made leaps from 2-3 but Blu ray is still top of the range graphics and they only recently released the ultra slim, they may reveal the 4 but I wouldn't expect it til 2014/15 after delays. But I fully hope we just transfer our online account and trophies over to the ps4 and that the pre owned game block is a load if bollocks
  • I remain skeptical. I do believe the current generation is starting to show it's age, but I'm not 100% certain that there isn't at least one more year left in the current technology. I think that Microsoft is pushing this more than Sony, as the decision to include Blu-Ray is now a clear benefit over the DVD based Xbox360. As for price and launch, it would be hard to pack that much improvement into a console which will be sold for so little more than the current systems. That suggests that there will either be a lot of add-ons (like the over-priced Vita memory cards), or that Sony will be losing a lot of money on each system sold. Finally, I believe the October launch window to be a pipe dream. We know Sony will want at least a few months of exclusivity in Japan, as they have with every other console. I do not believe they could produce anywhere near the necessary supply to get a global launch done for this holiday season. If it does launch in Oct, expect that to be Japan only, or else severe shortages at the retail level. It is far more likely that we will see the Japan release early next year, with NA/Europe for holiday season 2014. IMO ;)
  • Interesting .
  • @29 totally agree with you only have to look at ps3 for could be a risk launching it this year with the world in economic meltdown.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Damn, misread who wrote it and there isn't an edit button, apologies Jhonnyhotrocks, fuck you Indiana747.
  • 400 still sounds like a lot...
  • 4K definition gaming - I am calling it now!! It will be amazing.
  • With Sony's conversion rate for currency, $400 will mean £400.
  • This is a Day 1 purchase for me. Granted, so is the Xbox 720, but still. And by then I'll already have acquired my WiiU, so I'll have all the consoles at my fingertips. And a gaping hole in my wallet.
  • @36 i think you will find the ps4 will be about £300 there no chance it will be £250. it should be though as it will probably be as reliable as a ps3! im on my 5th and am seriously considering switching to the darkside. so unless it launches at a low price, like you think i defo wont be touching it!
  • @15 Really? The PS2 had a 15 year cycle life between launch of it and the launch of the PS3? Methinks your math may need a refresher course. And 7 more years til the PS4 should be released? That seems like a *great* idea. derp.
  • This would be massive for Sony but there's a little game called The Last of Us that needs to be released and will sell the ps3 massivly so a May PS4 announcement sounds very stupid since LOU is going to be released May 7th. Maybe they should Push LOU forward if they can get it out before GTA5. Personally I'd pay $2000 Day 1 for a PS4 and since I live in Australia the PS3 was $1000 for about a year and the USD and AUD are prettymuch identical. That's just me though I know alot of people can't and won't pay $600. Just reading the comments it looks like $400 will be the sweet spot.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Sweet day one for me. Well unless it isn't backwards compatible, I hate having 2 of the same companies console on my entertainment center it simply gets to cluttered. Plus I always give my old consoles to friends without so long as I can still play all my games. Sells Sony more games just saying.
  • PS3 has much life left. We still need to get out FF Versus XIII, both Kingdom Hearts Collections,The Last Guardian and many more games. I won't be buying a PS4 till its $350.
  • @ Comment #45 by Indiana747 hehehehehe-----it was me he attacked when he wanted about being caught in the cross fire. heck i wish the ps4 releases at £250 but i'm a realist and cant see anything under £300-350. hell even if it was £250 you will get the idiots who will say it's over priced,not enough games for it,get a 3ds xl instead lol.
  • Did you guys see the possible controller Doubt it will happen. Look stupid. I'll wait for the second run, first patches usually are glitchy. So possible realse titles?! Killzone Uncharted 4 Grand Turizmo 5 God of War 4 Little Big Planet 3 Call of Duty series
  • ^^^Killzone4* Uncharted's finished Gran Turismo 6* Kratos is dead Call of duty??? I never wanna see another CoD game they've dragged it out so far and cod is what shitbox players play
  • I really want to hear the specs about the new system before I blurt out "first day buy". I really have my heart set on backwards compatibility. Well see I guess.
  • @ #50 Where did you hear Uncharted was finished? Also, ****SPOILER**** Kratos is NOT dead... he drags himself away, hence the trail of blood... did you ever play to the end?
  • @51 i can tell you now the PS4 will not have backwards compatibility, like the Wii U. It's a day one buy for me depending on it's spec's, i hope it lives up to my expectations. I remember i posting that the PS4 would be out in 2013 and everyone said BS. Uncharted finished my arss thats why we are going to see a Uncharted 4 on the PS4. He has not played GOW 3, cannot for more news and to see it the PS4.
  • Hehehe, its a chilean newspaper to be exact :P
  • Please let my trophies carry over. I know it has been sounding unlikely, but I sure wouldnt mind backwards compatibility with the ability to unlock PS3 games trophies on the PS4 - because there is no way in monkeys I will be able to finish my backlog by October. Or anytime before 2015 for that matter.
  • $400 sounds like a reasonable price for a new next gen console. However, I'm not truly sold on it. Will it be backwards compatible with PS3 games? Will my PS3 trophies carry over? Will online play still remain free? Will it play used or borrowed games? If the answer to all 4 questions is "Yes", then I'll be standing in line with my credit card on Day One.
  • We shall see, won't we? :)
  • $400 is more reasonable than the $600 price I was expecting. But knowing Sony, they will probably have multiple models with different prices based on the sizes of the hard drives.
  • i hope the PS4 is backward comp. with the PS3 games that was the problem with the ps2 & the ps3
  • @15 The PS3 was released only 7 years after the PS2, so no it's not too soon. Just because the PS4 will be released, doesn't mean that the PS3 will stop selling for another 7 years, like the PS2.
  • So, if people have to choose - Backward compatibility or ability to play used games? Which would you choose, if you could only have one???
  • i love ps3 ...they better let me keep my psn as all these years spent on trophies would be gone, ALL GONE
  • #61 used games no doubt some games are just too over priced and others not worth there price tag pre owned games have saved me 1000s over the years staying OT backwards compatibility is not a big issue just keep your ps2 handy and you will be dandy
  • Personally There are so many ps3 games I haven't got round to playing it will be a couple of years before I get a ps4, and then only if this no used game bullshit, is just a vicious rumour.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @65 Good to see your mellowing anyway. You only said f**k twice in that post. Bravo, its progress at least. Its always nice to see someone move along with their limited vocabulary. At this stage i couldn't care less about how much it costs as long as people buy it. With guys like you helping Sony promote a nice friendly atmosphere amongst gamers, they cannot fail. Btw, since you are so astute when it comes to who said what, make sure you read the posts and who wrote them, might avoid you hurling yourself blindly into an embarrassing apology to other forum posters. You made fans here today with your attitude, i'm sure of it.
  • Sony & Microsoft are both scheduled to have Special Events @ the end of may, possibly (pretty much a certainty) to make the announcements of their next Consoles. This would free up the E3 line-ups for the games.
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  • [Comment deleted]
  • Damn. My PS3 was $400 over 4 years ago. That'd be awesome to pay the same for a hopefully much improved system. It still seems too soon for a PS4 with so many great games still coming out on the PS3, but either way I'll still be getting at least a couple of solid years out of my PS3. Anyway, I'm just hoping there's no BS with the PS4. Don't force us to pay for online subscriptions (I actually like PS+ though, especially since it's an optional service where you actually get your money's worth), don't block used games, and really just don't fuck shit up.
  • I need more info before I buy the next PS. No point on talking about this at this time as there is no info. I'm going to sleep when Sony gives out the following specs graphic card, motherboard/cpu, internal memory, hdd size and hdd speed then someone give me a cyber slap to wake me up so stop talking about this and get back to gaming
  • Personally, I'm in no hurry for the next-gen. I just bought a new PS3 and have a huge backlog of games I need to finish. Not to mention GTAV.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Hope it really costs 400 bucks..not the 850 it costed the fat one... also, i hope that they develop cool exclusive games .. i see myself buying a ps4 at 2015 since my ps3 has a lot of potential yet :)
  • wow good arguement funny yet very non informative lol release the ps4 and lets play and i want new improved ps4 trophies ha whatever day 1 buy
  • Sony is in no financial position to launch a new console. The PS3 still has too much money to be made and is not yet technologically close to defunct, eslecially with an ability to rework hardware and software and its still the PS3. I'd expect some model upgrade at best. Sony cant afford to keep bleeding money without major business consequences. I dont see a true PS4 being launched before fall 2017, and I still think thats a stretch.
  • How is saying they are focused on E3 2013 hinting at the PS4?? I fail to see any connection of hinting here. It sounds more like question dodging to me. "When is the Ps4 coming out?" "I like pie" Hint!!! Pi = 4.13..... May 13th???... The PS4 is going to be announced on May 13th?!
  • Oops April.. That's wha I gt for typing half asleep. ;)
  • Can´t wait, but I still have a loooooot of ps3 games to plat and there are just a lot of awesome new games on the way XD, besides I´m not sure about buying any kind of teach device 1st day, why? because a month later it may be half the price, or it may have a lot of errors(take 90% of the phones as an example, apple, all the devices had issues when they ere launched, 5 is a nice device but they screw it with crappyOS6, and this is because they rush to make something new and earn more money from desperate people, sorry, zombie buyers that just follow what the masses buy, I just hope sony is not rushing the PS4 just to be first than microsoft. I´d rather wait more than if that will get me the best console ever made(To PC gamers just to recall I wrote Console, I don´t want to see comments about PC is the best)). I just hope we can finally have a party chat like x box and PS vita do, that is something very useful, $400 that´s fine. on the bad side, there will be 4K TVs soon and I bet most of this games will be for that kind of TVs to enjoy them the 100%, so $400 + super expensive awesome TV $xxxxx :( not so good then.
  • i'll probably just wait for the second generation of ps4(or whatever it's called) so they can solve any problems(hope there aren't any). the only reason for a ps rather than an xbox for me is the exclusives. only xbox exclusive i like is halo.
  • I'm keen, I paid $750AU for my 80gb PS3..
  • I think I just got a little boner from you saying this "could" cost only $400 even tho I payed $500 for my 40gb that I still have. I was expecting the price to be around $750 or higher
  • Can't wait to see the design for PS4 and i really hope that it will be compatible with PS3 games, as i have spent a lot of money on collecting my games and a lot of time on my trophies so as long as you can take all your stuff from PS3 to PS4 im happy.., i paid around $440 for my 120gb, so $400 is an ok price. and i will pro ably wait a year for the prices to go down before i buy it. Thats what i did last time.
  • I hope they don't stop bringing out new content for the PS3. And anyway, it seems a little soon to bring it out considering they only released their slimmer-slim version not so long ago.
  • @79 Pi = 3.14 actually... Just saying...
  • As long as it can play ps3 games aswell and can keep trophies i'll be getting it when it comes out for sure
  • what happens to this site when ps4 comes out? DONT MAKE ANOTHER SITE COMBINE THEM!!
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