New Rage Trophies Reveal 'The Scorchers' DLC is Coming

Richard Walker

A clan that was originally cut from the full version of Rage, it looks like the Scorchers will be getting a new lease of life with an upcoming DLC, which has been exposed thanks to the posting of the add-on's trophy list right here on PS3Trophies.

What's more, it looks like the DLC will be something rather substantial, as there'll be ten new trophies added, with one awarded when you "finish the campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty".  The DLC includes an entirely new Scorchers job path to pursue, as well as some new mini-games to play.

Take a look at the trophy list below:

  • Night Terrors - Finish the Campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty
  • Cavernous Stumble - Complete Hagar Caves in The Scorchers job path
  • Plans Refined - Complete Refinery in The Scorchers job path
  • Thrash Canyon - Complete Bash Canyon in The Scorchers job path
  • Fired Up! - Complete Scorcher Base in the The Scorchers job path
  • Lucky Charms - Bet and win on Green in the Roly-Poly minigame
  • Foursome - Win with a Four of a Kind in the Video Poker minigame
  • Wall Hack - Kill 2 enemies with one Railgun Slug shot through a wall
  • Rebar Pie - Pin an enemy to a surface with a Rebar ammo shot
  • Rite of Passage - Complete Wellspring Tunnels in The Scorchers job path

Having yet to be officially announced, Rage's 'The Scorchers' DLC isn't dated or priced at time of writing. Expect some kind of a formal announcement soon. Hopefully. You heard it here first though, yeah?

  • I really hope the Mini-Game trophies are easier to get this time and that you don't have to start a whole new game for the Difficulty trophy.
  • This came completely out of nowhere, but I'm actually quite looking forward to it. Still, should they not maybe be fixing the multiplayer stats wipe perhaps?
  • I was planning to get the Anarchy Edition in the near future, but now I have to wait longer for an Ultimate Complete Edition.
  • Oh god I hate poker oh god. After RDR I was hoping that I'd never ever had to play poker for a trophy again.
  • I enjoyed this previously, and played fully through for the platinum. But with a fairly long backlog of games, I would not get this DLC if it truly is replay the entire game on nightmare.
  • And I just sold it damm
  • Ah, nevermind - scratch that comment. One of the trophies for the full game platinum required you to complete it on Nightmare, so have already done that. This must mean that the "Night Terrors" trophy is for the DLC campaing.
  • Why do so many people assume you have to finish the original campaign on the new difficulty? Pretty sure it just means the DLC story.
  • As it was cut from original game, that tells me they decided to cash it in as DLC to get more money from people. I won't be buying the DLC
  • I'm pretty sure you have to beat the entire game once again on the new "Ultra Nightmare" difficulty level for the "Night Terror" trophy. This is what I understand from what I read, but I may be wrong.
  • Considering I bought, 100%-ed and sold this game EONS ago...This is terrible news. Going to ruin my 100%, and I certainly wont be rebuying the game and DLC to finish my 100%
  • Way too late on this DLC. Already traded it in...
  • Well, if Ultra Nightmare actually makes the game hard, then I'm all for it.
  • @11 I'm hoping it isn't so, but I think you're right. Bethesda expects gamers to trudge through the entire campaign AGAIN for a silver trophy. Lame. 13 hours for a silver (10 hour campaign + 3 hours DLC).
  • I wouldn't mind going through the game again and the minigame trophies don't look too bad. Wonder what the rail gun is like.
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