Anarchy Reigns Day One Edition Confirmed For Western Release With Bayonetta DLC

Richard Walker

SEGA has today confirmed that the western launch of Anarchy Reigns will include a 'day one' Limited Edition of the game, which bundles a few rather enticing in-game goodies, including Bayonetta unlocked as a playable character.

There's also two additional multiplayer modes included with the day one Anarchy Reigns Limited Edition, with Dogfight offering aerial battles as characters hang from helicopters pelting one another with bullets, while Mad Survival mode has you banding together with three allies to battle waves of the game's playable characters.

Anarchy Reigns is heading west on January 8th, 2013 in North America before landing in Europe on January 11th, 2013. It'll carry a low price tag of just £19.99/€29.99/$29.99. Check out the promotional day one Limited Edition image below.

[Via CVG]

  • I figured as much about Bayonetta being packaged in new copies. Looking forward to January!
  • That's a fantastic price right there. I'm down for the limited edition PLEASE!
  • This game just hit my radar with this dlc.
  • My God! You dont know how annoyed i get with preorder bonuses that become DLC day 1 or just sometime after. Plus this is a great preorder bonus as its not a weapon that youll most likly change after 5 minuets. Just need retailers (UK) who are offering that price and not the old RRP -.-
  • ... £20? I'll go for that. I don't even care about Bayonetta, not a single bit, infact, if she comes as a DLC code, I'll give it away...
  • £20 is a great price, might pick this up.
  • $29.99 for this game seems so low that it might make me feel bad buying it. BUT IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME.
  • Its not a bad brawler if thats your thing. I like the style and I don't wanna seem sexist but DAAAAAAAAAAAMNNN!!! They know how make female character models right! People say its an easy platinum but I suck at fighting games and Hard mode is kinda kicking my ass. I still enjoy it though :D
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