Joe Danger 2: The Movie Coming to PSN With Exclusive Bonus Content

Richard Walker

Joe Danger is set to return to the PlayStation Network having enjoyed a dalliance on the Xbox 360 earlier this month. Joe Danger 2: The Movie will be heading to PSN "very, very soon", with over 10 hours of exclusive content.

For the sequel, previously washed-up stuntman Joe finds himself performing stunts in Hollywood movies, meaning as the player you'll perform every stunt in a film scene by scene at the behest of a mysterious director.

As for the 10 hours of exclusive content, Hello Games is currently keeping that under wraps, stating simply that "fans of the original will really love what we’ve done." As ever, you'll also be able to create and share your own tracks too, and engage in 'Deleted Scenes' and 'Movie Mode' upon completing the game.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie has yet to be given a proper launch date as yet, beyond "very, very soon". Here's a trailer and some screens to whet your appetite.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

  • Looks fun. Can't wait to see what they have planned for the "10 Hours of Exclusive Content".
  • Looks cool, hoping it as good as the first one
  • Looks fun. The skiing part reminded me of that old windows game "Ski Free". Anyone remember that?
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