Awesomenauts Patch and Female Character DLC Dated and Detailed

Richard Walker

Awesomenauts is set to get a whole bunch of downloadable support in a couple of weeks' time, with developer Ronimo Games planning to address the game's characters that by the dev's own admission "are extremely unbalanced". Consequently, Ronimo has been monitoring the 1.5 million matches played so far and decided that the only way to redress this lack of balance is to release a female Awesomenaut.

Coco Nebulon will be joining the cast of Awesomenauts later this month, with a psycho-electric melee attack, while she'll also be joined by a second new character who'll be in the same patch. Named Derpl Zork, he's an alien that has an IQ below that of plankton and as such enjoys hunting cats using his combat walker.

The patch will be free and as well as adding Coco and Derpl to the roster, it brings a range of general fixes and balance tweaks. You can view the complete patch notes here. Awesomenauts' free patch will be coming to PSN on July 27th. You can still purchase the game from PSN for $9.99/£7.99.

  • Finally a release date. Can't wait. Awesome game.... no pun intended.
  • Oh man been waiting for this. Still play it like crazy; wish it had a bigger following.
  • two new characters for free. that's awesome
  • would bang
  • Am excited wish we could see some more maps!!! give us some worthy dlc id pay for it!
  • Wow. First we get the Game free on PS+ & now the added characters, as well. This is Awesome!!!(Pun Intended)
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Ummm delete #7 post.
  • Coco means poop in portuguese
  • I see other sources with a release date of July 23rd....
  • Well it's about damn time.
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