E3 2012: Sleeping Dogs Interview - Open-Worlds, Kung-Fu and Crime With Dan Sochan

Richard Walker

Having been through a fair bit of drama with the game that was once True Crime: Hong Kong, United Front Games is now rather upbeat about Sleeping Dogs' prospects as it heads towards completion and hopes to fully immerse players in a dramatic police story starring kung-fu fighting undercover cop Wei Shen.

Drawing upon a variety of Hong Kong movie influences and other Asian cinema staples, Sleeping Dogs is certainly shaping up rather well too, with a strong combat system and a few gameplay elements that should ensure rising through the Triad ranks to bring down the criminal organisation from within, will be a blast.

We caught up with Sleeping Dogs' Producer, Dan Sochan behind-closed-doors at this year's E3, and having played Sleeping Dogs several times in the last few months (check out our latest hands-on preview here), we had plenty of questions to ask about the open-world title that was saved from oblivion by Square Enix. Find out more about the Asian movie nods, gory combat finishers, costumes, vehicles and other stuff that'll await when Sleeping Dogs releases this August.

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  • I like how Dan spells his name in the intro, hah! This guy has come across really well in all the build up I've seen for Sleeping Dogs. I'm looking forward to this game immensely, I'm a big fan of HK cinema.
  • Though makes me wonder is it taking things from Hong Kong movies or chines in total, because I have watched a good amount of movies from over there about cops and/or the triads, but so far have only seen two Hong Kong triad movies, one with a body count of about 200+.
  • looks terrible lol, comparing to games like max payne 3
  • @4 max payne 3 was terrible
  • @5 you must be insane max payne 3 was amazing 11/10, just fantastic.
  • @6 i am insane because the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over with expectation of something different happening. Every time I played max Payne 3 I expected it to be good but it never was
  • @7 Glad I'm not Robinson Crusoe on this. I tried on four separate occasions to play MP3, and hated it every time. Couldn't understand it as I normally love Rockstar games. On topic, looking forward to Sleeping Dogs. Looks very promising.
  • @7, 8... If you dont like mp3 then you cant call yourself a gamer, its why i myself and many other people play games because of the amazing story that it has. Mp3 is one of the better games that rockstar have ever produced, the worst would have to be gta4
  • Cautiously optimistic about this game. @9 People are allowed to have opinions bro, MP3 isn't the pinnacle of gaming like you seem to be implying.
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