E3 2012: Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Footage Excites

Lee Bradley

Star War 1313 was unveiled on Spike TV overnight and blimey does it look good.

In the vid below you’ll see the game in action, running on a high-end PC. It’s a “mature” Star Wars game in which you play a bounty hunter in the seedy, criminal locales of Coruscant.

No platforms, release dates, or further information on the game has been released. More when we get it. Just watch!

  • I'm really stoke about this. Can't wait.
  • I will get excited about this if I can play as a jedi or sith.....bounty hunters do not excite me in the least
  • Not to mention, where is KOTOR 3? That is the star wars game that needs to be released
  • It certainly won't look as good on console but It will still be beautifull, I've only recently got interested in 3rd person shooters lately with the uncharted series but I will be keeping an eye on this.
  • Shame it isn't Boba Fett.
  • Hmmm starwars without a lightsabre I have to see more footage because I'm not convinced yet!!!!
  • I actually like the idea of a bounty hunter game. Since Star Wars: Bounty Hunter I've been waiting for a game like that to play on the PS3. Also Ice884 The Force is a major part of Star Wars so I'm sure you'll get the game you'll want. To be honest I'm a bit confused about Star Wars. I mean normally the guy's making them exploit it all they can but LucasArts? The fans literally have to scream at them till they make more Star Wars. They could have shown The Force Unleashed 3, Knights of the Old Republic 3, Battlefront 3 and SW: 1313. Literally five games from the same franchise and we would have loved them all. I mean we call them greedy but they didn't release five games all at the same time means they must have more respect them we realize for their franchise. Plus if they were greedy. Where's Star Wars: Episode 7,8 and 9? I'm not saying any of you guys called them greedy but I know it's a common complaint of George Lucas and he's company and really I've seen nothing to show me that. (Also when is George gonna show off the TV Show?)
  • I actually find this a refreshing change. We haven't seen this since... Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, some 10 years ago...? In every other Star Wars game, you either played as a Jedi/Sith or a pilot. I guess we can rule out Kyle Katarn in the Dark Forces series, as he ends up picking up a lightsaber and becoming a Jed-... *ahem* "Just a guy with a lightsaber". Can't wait to see more of this.
  • Looks sexy! Be cool if we got the option, in a level or two, to use a lightsaber where you can slice people up...just saying lol
  • gameplay looks just as good as the graphics lol
  • This looks really good... KInd of like Star Wars meets Mass Effect.
  • mmmh star wars uncharted/mass effect clone? GREAT COULD BE A WINNER.
  • Looks sick.
  • Best graphics ever, hands down.
  • looks good but was really hoping for sw battlefront 3 reveal, damn -.-
  • seriously KOTOR 3 Is SW:TOR
  • Looks like Uncharted. I love Uncharted but I'll need to see more before I make a decision. And yes, give us KOTOR3 and Battlefront 3.
  • As a fan of Star Wars this by far the best i've seen since Star Wars Bounty Hunter...i've been waiting for something similar like this. Im gona need more gameplay to be convinced to buy a $60 game and the trailer is a PC demo. But i love the Uncharted epic thrill they have going on.
  • This could be good but it just looks like a Mass Effect rip-off so I will pass on it.
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