Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 to be Announced at E3?

Lee Bradley

A sequel to Konami and MercurySteam's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be announced at E3, according to the latest rumours.

Released back in 2010, the original Lords of Shadow picked up plenty of praise for it’s action-adventure, whiptastic stylings. It was good, prompting our very own Rich to say in sister site X360A's review that Lords of Shadow “is a superlative start for Castlevania on current-gen consoles and we only hope that developer MercurySteam has more in the pipeline.” Looks like he may be in luck.

The report comes from a source that has been right on a number of occassions in the past, so the rumours have some weight. Set your sights for E3, folks.

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  • Yes please ! :)
  • I did really enjoy castlevania and would definitely be up for a second. The dlc completely sucked tho!
  • I really hope they announce a sequel ^.^ The first game was amazing >.
  • Hopefully explain alot more!
  • Yeah, i hope we get good news soon!
  • I wish they would just discount the dlc already....ten dollars for each is too much!
  • Yes! I loved the first one.
  • I saw this one coming =) anyone saw the ending for the first one knows there will be a sequel. Can't wait!
  • @2 really? i thought the DLC was well done a lil short but still decently done as it extend the fantastic story a bit more
  • @9 Well im glad you liked it dude. But sadly it wasn't my cup of Tetley. Will be interested in seeing how they expand the sequel after that crazy ass awesome ending!!
  • I hope there will be a sequal I really enjoyed lords of shadow.
  • Didnt like the story in the first. But the gameplay was great. Hopefully if this get announced it will be able to get both things right.
  • Lords of Shadows was an excellent game, i'll just hoping the sequal is going to happen...
  • Loved Castlevaina: LoS and was always hoping the would make a second, really hope they get Kojima back in it some where ^^
  • i hope this is true.
  • Yes please! Better release it this year too :)
  • I must be the only person not ecstatic over this announcement. Making the mistake of buying the first one is all the reason I need to steer clear of this monotonous sequel.
  • I'd rather they go back to their 2D roots again to be honest but I'm still happy to hear this.
  • Yes please! I absolutely loved LOS and everything about it, this is wonderful news! =)
  • Really liked the last one and hope this one is just as good
  • Oh I hope they do, just don't do it map wise for the missions. Make it open world like the gows, travel. Not just start mission end mission next. Go from place to place explore....That's what I want to see.
  • What can they do with the ending of the first game? Gabriel will whip some gangster thug vampire in modern day? Werewolved that wear bling bling and shoot with guns? Special guest appearance of Patterson and Jacob from Twilight?
  • Man, if they had a disk with all Castlevania games, I'd be so happy. I was pretty pleased with the last one :D
  • Can we hug satan to death again? oh please tell me we can
  • Story aside, Lord of Shadow was a disgrace to the Castlevania franchise. They should've called it what it really was...God of War 2.5.
  • @ 25.... Really.... Castle vania has not only been 2D till this.... 1st one was Story, gamplay and graphicly one of the best games i have played. Really hope they do a sequel. Not a fan of GoW.
  • Please be true! Lords of Shadow was just awesome, fun gameplay, VERY challenging in places, beautifull graphics, one of my most enjoyed Platinums.
  • I hope this is right really enjoyed the last one.
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