Codies Talk About the Process Behind Creating a Trophy List

Dan Webb

The biggest game changer since the inception of the Xbox 360 has to be in-game achievements. It spawned a culture. It spawned a new way to play games and an era of replayability. It spawned the PS3 trophy system. It spawned us.

We caught up with DiRT Showdown's Mike Chapman, Senior Game Designer, to talk all about achievements and trophies world. We spent 5 minutes talking about nothing but the in-game unlockables that have blessed our lives this console generation, from when they start conceptualising them in the development process, what the process is, how the perceived change in attitude towards them has changed since the early days of the system and much more.

DiRT Showdown is out May 25th in Europe and June 15th in North America. Look out for our review this week, but if that doesn't whet your appetite, watch us smash up cars in a real-life DiRT Showdown!


  • "The fun part.. Which is obviously the naming" *looks at trophy list* "Platinum Trophy" ..
  • yawn
  • What about choosing the pictures for individual trophies? Most trophies do have their own, custom, picture but for games like inFamous (yes I know it's not made by Codemasters) it's ugly. Developers be lazy lol
  • I often wonder who the graphic designer is for trophies. Some of them are great, others, not so much. and for the love of god... why so many trophies that FORCE people to play multiplayer!!!??
  • At least Codies put some love into their trophies and don't just churn out lists that cater to incessant whingers who want everything easy like Sony did with Resistance/Killzone/Motorstorm etc.
  • I'd only buy this is if it was Destruction Derby. I miss those games on PS1!!
  • @4 I don't mind a few multiplayer trophies, but if they're going to make you do outlandish things that you can't do unless you boost or make you spend around 100+ hours just to reach a certain level or get a certain amount of kills is just ridiculous. Oh, and if the servers go down then the game is un-platinum-able, like Guitar Hero and soon Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.
  • #1 I guess they focussed on the main ones...since the plat is exclusive to ps3 owners...
  • @7 Ridiculous online trophies are one of my biggest hates. BFBC2 had some really good ones, like get a roadkill with a helicopter or a headshot with the repair gun. They could be tricky but they were perfectly doable and fun to complete. But these monstrous grinding trophies really annoy me. Forcing me to play the game for hours and hours does not make it a good game, I should be playing it for that length of time because I WANT to. At least have the last rank trophy pop at a lower level, like halfway to maximum rank. That way you'd feel you've achieved without getting bored or angry. Or do what Rockstar does, have double or even triple XP weekends; not only do you get your rank trophies faster but it gets more people online at that time so the games are more fun.
  • @7 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 has multiplayer modes? I thought they just introduced that in Ninja Gaiden 3.
  • achievements and trophies have ruined alot of games most dont add replayablity if your trying to platinum a game before your friends or just to show off you got it first or within a certain times your lowering the play time of a game I can only hope the next gen takes this out and go back to the days before trophies
  • @12 I don't know if that's true, I can think of several games that I would've put down as soon as I finished the campaign if it weren't for trophies making me go back to finish off all the bonus stuff.
  • I'm with #13, a good trophy list just causes me to do things in a game that I normally wouldn't have done.
  • @11 No it was in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 first, it was Team Missions, where basicly two people team up, to kill everything together. They have it in NG3 too, but with the option to go solo too ^^ The online your thinking of is the Ninja Clan Battles, where there like team death matches and free-for-all matches. News to me though that there closing the severs down for NGS2, good thing that i got my Plat like 2 years ago :D
  • All the trophies are , are just Xbox achievements but with a name change.
  • @7 i hate online trophies too, but guitar hero servers arnt down, its just no one plays them, i was playing guitar hero 5 last week and managed to eventually get the platinum, but it stick works
  • @12: Applying that logic would mean to stop eating forever just because you've been to a bad restaurant once. Instead of letting go of trophies altogether, it'd be better if game devs learned how to use trophies properly. Because "get 100 headshots" trophies are only good if those are the heads of game developers who like to put such uninspired trophies into their games.^^
  • Jajaja miss far cry 2, street fighter 4 fear 2 bigger trophies loser games ever
  • Agree with @9 no motivation, online it's bored
  • It's funny the naming of the trophies are really important. PLATINUM TROPHY. what the hell any game can call it that they could have called it Master Crasher or something like that a shooting game or move game could call it platinum trophy.
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