Awesomenauts DLC and Support Revealed

Richard Walker

It seemed for a second that Awesomenauts might not see release at the last minute with publisher dtp Entertainment filing for insolvency, but since its release last week, over half a million games have been played over the game's first weekend on sale. As a result, developer Ronimo Games is working on its first batch of support for Awesomenauts.

Forums have been buzzing about issues surrounding the game's balance, so Ronimo will be looking to address any criticisms with a patch very soon. Connection errors are also being looked into for the patch, but for now it's suggested that resetting routers and consoles works as a temporary fix for the issue.

Ronimo is also gearing up to release some downloadable content for Awesomenauts, with additional heroes to be offered as add-ons. The first of these will be a female Awesomenaut, pictured in the artwork below. A date and pricing for the additional hero will be announced at a later date. You can buy Awesomenauts from the PlayStation Store now for £7.99/$9.99.

  • Wahoo as long as I can get me some extra trophies since reaching prestige then it will be a purchase for me!
  • More trophies would be awesome (they wanted to do that anyway) Guess this will be a dlc worth paying for especially since i got the full game for free :D
  • @2 I hear that. I like buying dlc for games I rent or get for free. I bought the dlc for Asura's Wrath which was amazing. This game is really fun. Even after getting all the trophies, I still find myself still playing it.
  • The more elements given to this MOBA, the zanier the gameplay will get. Some builds are strongly preferred already but... You throw enough variables in there with new characters? You'll see some sweet teams emerge.
  • I'm still trying to figure out what the max level is and why I can only play local 2 player co-op online. This game is really fun and I'm glad it was free. Must suck for those on other consoles to see PSN give out so many free games and discounts lol..
  • @5 you don't know how many times I thought I got a great deal for a game in the DOTW & then a few weeks later got the same game for free on +.
  • Sounds great, hopefully it'll add some more trophies too. I love this game!
  • And @5, the max level is level 45. Go check out the guide written by yours truly for any more questions. ;D
  • @6, DOTW? @8, Thanks!
  • @ DLC buyers: the first champs will be free, Ronimo said they would give free dlc :D
  • @5 It's not free lol. You pay for PS+ and when you stop you lose all the "free" stuff.
  • @#9 Deal of the Week @#11 You don't lose "all" the free stuff, and besides, if you have a 1 year sub it pretty much feels like you own it. Also, $50 isn't bad for a whole year, I am so happy I have plus because I get to play so many games that I would have probably never tried that now I love to death. I'll gladly pay for another year.
  • @12 I couldn't have said it better
  • Nice, looking forward to the DLC!
  • Crap game don't care
  • Half a million downloads in a week, but how many of those were free? I wish they have out those stats.
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