Crytek’s Rasmus Højengaard Talks Crysis 3, Money-Shots & the Evolution of the Franchise

Dan Webb

If there’s one thing that this generation of consoles has given developers, it’s the new ability and art of developing a trilogy. Never before has one generation thrown so make threequels at us.

What you'll generally find happens is that you’ll see the developer's experimentation and ambition shine through in the first iteration of the franchise, then the best franchises with the second iteration will attempt to innovate but not steer too far away from the roots of the franchise. That is all before coming full circle and taking the best of one and the best of two to finish off the series.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but you only have to take a look at Gears of War 3 and Mass Effect 3, and you’ll see our point stands. The best threequels seem to be those that combine the best elements of their tried-and-tested formulas from their first and second iterations of the game, whilst heaping a load more features on top.

Crysis 3 is no different then and seems to stick to this formula, as explained by Crytek’s Director of Creative Development, Rasmus Højengaard, but this wasn’t intentional by the German developer. It just happened. We caught up with Højengaard recently to talk about what will make Crytek 3 so special, the game’s money-shots, the new environment and much more.

Crysis 3 is scheduled for a spring 2013 release. In the meantime, see what Crytek had to say on their upcoming shooter, and don’t forget to check our first impressions from a few weeks back.

  • This make me want to go to NY tomorrow.
  • Let's hope they learnt from crysis 2's mp and not screw it up/make USELESS patches that don't fix the problems they are meant to fix.
  • Lets hope its like Terminator 3 and epically FAILS!!!!!!
  • Yeah I might as well have been snoring through half of Crysis 1. Not sure if I'm ready for even part 2 yet.
  • Crytek lost my trust when they failed to support the community. I will never again buy one of their games.
  • Crytek, go ahead and jump off a bridge. Everyone of you.
  • Hey .. I wonder if I can buy this used.
  • @6 Wow that is dark really even for Crytek. You can't really blame them for making the games they do, yeah sure FPS is overused and generic but we still buy the games so we can't blame companies like Crytek when they look at the sales for videogames and see that First Person Shooter games like Crysis are what is making the majority of the profit. It's annoying but for a game to be made games designers have to find something that will convince their publisher what their making is going to make enough money to cover development costs and enough for a lot of profit after that.
  • I'll be getting my copy preowned
  • English with Danish accent is so funny. Thumbs up for author's use of the correct vowel in Rasmus' last name.
  • I blame EA...
  • the audio on the x360a videos sucks :(
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