Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Isn't Pretty

Lee Bradley

Rockstar has revealed the launch trailer for Max Payne 3, ahead of the game's release next week. It's a typically joyful affair.

As previously covered, Rockstar Social Club - the publisher’s fancy re-designed website - is also now letting you register and create your own multiplayer Crews. You can even add friends and recruit people to your Crew by rounding up teammates from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, meaning that you'll never be short of backup. Get to it!

Max Payne 3 is out on May 15th in North America and May 18th everywhere else.

  • Meh. After GTA 4 we got GTA Wild West and GTA CSI, now we can add GTA Die Hard... Once again will skip it.
  • God, I've been waiting years for this! It looks so good!
  • @1 Max Payne is a franchise apart. Show some respect. It brought new tricks to the game you probably never realized.
  • @1 3 words for ya. GO FUCK YOURSELF
  • @1 I agree with the first two but max payne is not a GTA clone it is very far from that
  • @1 don't be a idiot just because something is a sandbox game doesn't mean its a clone of the super overrated gta games, each of the games you listed are a million times better then any gta game could ever dream to be and aren't like it in anyway shape or form, so screw off.
  • #5, not saying its a clone, but again it has the same vibe to it. Would rather see R* go past their boundaries and make a whole new game in another completely different genre.
  • That classic violin melody gives me chills down my spine. I love the memories of these games. Can't wait to play the SHIT outta this game. :D
  • Finally Max Payne 3 is about to be released, love this series.
  • @#7 You mean like LA Noire and RDR? I am not even a fan of LA Noire and give R* credit for trying to step out of the "stay with what you know" box
  • @1 obviously don't know what u talking about. They may b gta clone yet they still great games on their own N max Payne is a legend regardless of that crappy movie
  • If video games are art, then Rockstar is Da Vinci.
  • @1 I can't even express in words how asinine you are.
  • Game looks great will definitely be picking this up, really loved the first two.
  • "After GTA 4 we got GTA Wild West and GTA CSI, now we can add GTA Die Hard..." Cute ^^ GTA - Wild West? Don't you mean? Red Dead Redemption.. Prehaps the greatest game about the Wild West, also one of the best endings i've experinced in my 15 years of gaming. So.. when ever your "ground breaking" game comes out.. all of us on will want to know! I respect your opinion, but choose your words better! All the best!
  • @1 The most awful comment I've seen in my life. Either you are a child or have no good taste at all.
  • U guys make no sense your saying if you don't like rockstar you got no taste in gaming REALLY??? I hate rockstar and I like a lot of games these days but I guess if i don't worship rockstar my opinion is invalid what a bunch of dummies oh and heres the rockstar flowchart story man has hard past moves to new town old past catches up with him . So p.s R* games are not art because an artist would not get away with painting the same paintings three times but the only difference is they are on different colored paper LET THE RAGE BEGIN!!!
  • @17 It seems that only person that's raging is you sir.
  • @1 hahahaha 'GTA Die Hard' I suppose he is a bit like John McClane. I cannot wait for this, I even ordered the collectors edition :D
  • @18 I ain't raging just disappointed in the gaming community first cod and now this
  • @1 People are entitled to their opinions but sorry to say yours is just fucking stupid This will be awesome, max Payne is awesome, and also awesome, awesome, awesome
  • How exactly was Red Dead Redemption NOT a GTA clone? Not saying it was a bad game, but clearly, it was a clone in a different setting. Practically the exact same game in every single mechanic.
  • @22 I agree except that I didn't like it because I feel like the stories in rockstar games are just this stereotypical b.s and once your done that you just go around killing things which for me gets boring also I really don't see how GTA5 looks any different from GTA4 in fact to me it looks a step backwards
  • I'll just be renting this though or waiting for it to be cheap on ebay. I'm still trying to finish Red Dead. I'm sure most people would rather be playing Agent or Uncharted than Max Payne.
  • most people don't seems to understand the meaning of clone clone is a creation of something "identical" u cannot call RDR a clone of GTA just because both are sandbox games and have side missions etc then very game u play must be a clone of some other game every FPS is a clone of wolf 3D, every side scrolling game is a clone of super mario, see how this argument goes
  • Looking forward to this, I'm a big fan of pretty much everything Rockstar makes!
  • Rockstar is like to games steven spielburg is to movies, they have that quality that you know where you stand, i have never been disapointed with a spielburg movie and i have never been disapointed with a rockstar game and i've seen and played them all.
  • lol @1 that is some insane comparisons you making
  • The amount of stupidity and preconceptions in the comment section is completely ridiculous. @1 Are you freaking saying that L.A Noire, RDR and GTA 4 are the same? L.A Noire wasn't even made by R* they're just the publishers, so that shows how freaking wrong you are. The only thing that RDR and GTA 4 have in common is the Physics Engine, the awesome story and the fact that you can go around killing people freely... Other than that, both games have a COMPLETELY different feeling to them. @22 So yeah... GTA had horses, horsebreaking, carriages, awesome sideevents that keep the game fresh, throwing knives, tomahawks, zombies, amazing graphics and dead eye. Seriously dude, go dig up a hole and throw yourself down there, it's pretty obvious you've played neither game if you thing it's the exact same game in a different setting, the only thing they share is sandbox and physics. @23 Define stereotype. People just throw that around just like they throw cliché or troll, sure they play with stereotypes, but that's really just for comical effects. And in the end, both GTA 4 and RDR had freaking epic storylines... In fact, most of the awesomeness of R* games come from the story imo. Oh and clearly we've had tons of information and gameplay videos of GTA 5 for you to say it's the same as GTA 4. @27 This I agree with, Rockstar has never made a game which was lower than an 8.5 in my book. Sure GTA 4 was a step down from SA, but it was by no means a bad game in it's own right.
  • One does not simply...dislike Rockstar.
  • Can someone please talk me out buying special edition of this just for the bullet keychain
  • (-39) thats a record :p
  • I'll admit I didn't like the first Max Payne but this one looks really cool and fun to play. I was a lot younger when I played Max Payne and never gave it a second chance but I will defenitly be giving 3 a go around. MP looks kinda fun too.
  • I love most rockstar games but there always a little bit too long, im not saying thats super bad but some of there missions are just so damn boring (Red dead and GTA4 i'm looking at you. L.A. Noire I loved almost all missions)
  • "not saying its a clone, but again it has the same vibe to it" Oh yeah I got that impression when you made the same basic "It's Grand Theft Auto in ADD RANDOM ELEMENT OF NEW ROCKSTAR GAME"
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