Rockstar Social Club Gets a Lick of Paint in Time For Max Payne 3

Richard Walker

Rockstar has introduced the all-new Rockstar Social Club, which has been completely rebooted and redesigned, with new features and a completely new look. It's all been nicely spruced up, so it's clearer, bolder and easier to use than before. You can now link in and login using your Facebook and Twitter accounts too, and there's status updates and notifications that are simple to access.

From tomorrow, you'll also be able to register and create your own multiplayer Crews in time for the launch of Max Payne 3 next week. You'll be able to add friends and recruit people to your Crew starting May 9th, and find, import and invite friends using your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you link your PSN ID to the Rockstar Social Club, you can also track yours and your friends' trophies and keep tabs on their activities via the activity feed. Check out the all-new Rockstar Social Club here, then prepare your Crew for Max Payne 3's launch on May 15th in North America and May 18th in Europe.

[Via Rockstar Newswire]

  • Site looks great! I remember the last time using it for the film reels guide for l.a noire :)
  • Yep last time I used it was for la noire.. Remember it being very helpful.. 1 week to go for Max Payne. : )
  • Lookin' slick 8)
  • want this game for ages not long to go now
  • man i just remembered need to buy the 30$ pass to get all DLC"s :/ ,rockstar games is real deal :)
  • Rockstar's site is great, it's helped me out no end with Red Dead and L.A. Noire. It's a shame every developer isn't as helpful and thorough.
  • Looks good, always a great site to use when trying to 100% their games. Now if only they would let me change my email address....
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