Prototype 2's Colossal Mayhem DLC Hits, Excessive Force at the End of the Month

Lee Bradley

Prototype 2's first DLC pack launches from today, with a further add-on for the game coming our way at the end of the month.

The Colossal Mayhem Pack contains a “Thermobarbic Boom-Stick, plus Force Multiplier Powers and Custom Skins. The Excessive Force Pack, meanwhile, includes further Powers and Skins, as well as a Viral Infector Grenade Launcher. You can grab that from 30th May.

Both packs cost $4.99, or if you bought the Blackwatch Collector's Edition you’ll be able to redeem your one-time use code to download the Colossal Mayhem pack for free.

Full contents of both packs can be found below, as well as an explosive new trailer.

Colossal Mayhem Pack:

  • Thermobaric Boom-Stick.
  • Force Multiplier Powers: Warp Vortex; Anti Gravity Field; Air Time.
  • Custom Skins: Heller Test Subject; Infected Heller; Infantry Heller.

Excessive Force Pack:

  • Viral Infector Grenade Launcher,
  • Force Multiplier Powers: Shockwave; Chaos Creator Mode; Medusa's Wrath.
  • Custom Skins: Armored Heller; Agile Armor Alex Mercer; Zombie Mercer.

  • I've got the platinum already so won't be paying for any DLC unless they have missions/trophies... although extra weapons/powers/skins may be something to liven up my half-finished Newgame+ game if I go back to it at a later date.
  • I think 5 bucks is a bit much for what is basically just costumes, a weapon (seriousely, who actually uses weapons in Prototype anyways?) and slight power upgrades/animations. Maybe five for the two DLCs would be okay, but five for each? I don't know ...
  • @2; it's $15 for COD maps. Would you rather pay $5 for all of that (per DLC) or $15 for just a few maps?
  • I wouldn't buy a map pack in general, and especially not for COD because I wouldn't buy a COD to begin with. Not my type of game. Therefore, I'm in no position to judge on whether it's worth what people pay for it. However, your point would be that bad is good because worse exists which is false. Overpriced DLC is is overpriced DLC even there's even more expensive DLC out there. Of course, that doesn't "prove" that the Prototype 2 DLC is overpriced, because that was just my personal impression. It might be well worth the money for others, just like the COD mappacks are obviously worth the money to those who enjoy them enough to pay for them.
  • @3 Yeah but everyone knows that COD is severely over rated and over priced.
  • To all you COD haters stop fucking complaining, you know you will play the game for the trophies! Fuckin faggots go moan about how boring BF3 is and how shit their servers are you arrogant mother fuckers! I have and millions of other people have both games and guess what...... COD is far more fun!!!!!!! Back on topic, only bought [PROTOTYPE 2] due to the fact i read from this site it was an easy PLATINUM, fuck yes!!!! No more than 20 hours and i got my plat! This was easier than Terminator Salvation TBH, Defo not getting DLC as its getting traded in 2moz!!!!
  • @6 Cool story bro..... Want a cookie?
  • @7 Unless its baked wit some super strong MAR.....A! hehe Dont have a fucking clue what this cookie patter is all about tbh. Some daft American shite like justin beaver lol!
  • @8 My response was basically being sarcastic. I was being a smart ass in regards to your comment. That's all that is. And Justin Bieber is CANADIAN. That shows your ignorance lol
  • On top of it, no one was even hating on COD. What the hell? Well, I'm curious what the DLC will cost in Euros, if it's 5 €, that'd be dumb.
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