Head of EA Sports, Andrew Wilson, Talks New Business Models, Preventing Developer Fatigue & Server Closures

Dan Webb

EA Sports' new head honcho, Andrew Wilson, recently stepped into big shoes and a mighty huge shadow that a certain ex-President left behind. Filling the role that the now-Chief Operating Officer of EA, Peter Moore, left behind, Wilson has his work cut out for him if he's to prove that he can continue the impressive turnaround that Moore spearheaded over recent years.

Opting to make the European Championship football game as DLC for FIFA 12 is a bold but welcomed move by fans and is one of the first big gambles that EA Sports have taken under his leadership. If this forward thinking is a sign of things to come, surely EA Sports' golden reign is set to continue.

In the first part of this two-part interview, we talk with Wilson about the decision to make the Euros add-on as DLC, whether he thinks the yearly iteration model is a viable business model in the long-term, how they prevent developers from burning out, online passes and server closure, and much more. Much, much more!

It's a must watch interview if ever there was one, so what 'cha waiting for? Get watching.

Tune in next week as we talk Tiger Woods' recent struggles, the return of NBA Live, the UFC license, whether EA are exploring any more sports and what the future holds for the king of licenses. It's another beauty!

  • What an asshole! I didn't even have to watch the video to know... I know from them pumping out the same fifa games every year for £40 with little to no change and ruining my mass effect! ( I know he is EA sports, but I blame him too the bastard!)
  • @1 Mass Effect is only the top of the cream, EA is responsable for ruining many excellent franchises like Dragon Age, Mercenaries, Command & Conquer etc.
  • EA should take a good look at there servers.absolute crap and for the online passes,well ure just taking the ****
  • ea - preventing - server closures all in one sentence, glad I was sat down when I read that!
  • The euro was released as dlc to not have to pay for licensing again. They make him sound like a hero to the people. He did it for their benefit more than ours.
  • the dlc is shit it is so glitchy i can hardly play a single game. I can tell just by looking at that guy that he is a complete cunt
  • The EURO 2012 was made to be DLC so that EA can keep as much of the money earned from it as possible as they don't have to pay packaging and know that more people would buy it as DLC rather than buy it in the shop for £40 - £50.
  • I was kinda half watching half listening. I missed what he said about future server closures. Did he say anything about keeping each games servers running for longer
  • So all in all, money speaks to them. Our voices are heard only through their bottom line. So ppl stop buying their shit games every year and let them see the effects of it. Things will never change if you keep letting them get away with it
  • "I know from them pumping out the same fifa games every year for £40 with little to no change" Uhm ... people are BUYING the same fifa games every year for £40 with little to no change, so it would appear they actually WANT the same fifa games every year for £40 with little to no change. So who's worse, really? "and ruining my mass effect" - Ruined? Because the ending was not to everyone's liking? Let's not argue whether the ending was weak or not, has been doen enough, but even if it was like the worst ending ever, that hardly ruined the whole franchise. Not to remind you you wouldn't even have had it to begin with were it not for EA and the same goes for: "EA is responsable for ruining many excellent franchises like Dragon Age." Also ... ruined? Really? Because ONE game out of TWO was weaker than the other? Like sequels always best their predecessors ... On a sidenote, Dragon Age II was hardly "ruined" just because certain aspects of it were rather poorly done. So you drama queens can whine all you want, but there really are more important things EA does wrong. (Wrong from our point of view, they seem to be doing quite well with it.) However, I still enjoyed pretty much every EA game I played - though I'm not playing FIFA or stuff like that.
  • I would never pay £40 for a game that you can only play for 1-2 years before servers are closed. So until that changes il keep getting FIFA games and the odd Tiger Woods pre owned and much cheaper. Theres always cheap online passes on ebay/amazon. So suck it EA!!!!
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