New Prototype 2 Trailer Gets the Whip and Hammer Out

Richard Walker

Sergeant James Heller is at it again in this latest Prototype 2 trailer, getting all angry and shouty as he wields two of his most dangerous tendril-based weapons: the whip and hammer.

The clue is in the trailer's title (whip & hammer), as Heller uses his spiked whip arm to lop off limbs, while the hammer acts as pounding fists for Heller to smash enemies to a pulp. Essentially, whichever of these you're wielding, there will be blood. And carnage.

Check out the new video showing Heller carving up mutants in the new Prototype 2 trailer below, then look forward to taking back New York Zero and killing Alec Mercer when the game launches tomorrow. That's April 24th, folks. Tomorrow.

  • cant wait!!
  • A few hours into this game, and it's great. I can't wait to see how it pans out!
  • I couldn't wait, got hold of it on Saturday and didn't even bother getting dressed yesterday. MUCH better than the first one, I'm about 60% through and still can't guess what's going to go down between Heller and Mercer at the end! There will be blood...
  • @3 Boy, dont you love when a game is that good that you're like "Meh. I'll put on new clothes TOMORROW." =D I just got my email from Amazon that my Blackwatch Edition shipped and will be here tomorrow. Cannot. Wait.
  • At first I didn't really like this game as much as the first, the controls felt rough and un-natural but after putting in a fair few hours over the weekend I can happily say the game is a lot better then the first and there is a lot more to do! Well done to Radical for making a great game even better!
  • I personally think this is a fine sequal and it deserves a 9 out of 10 from me on the fun factor. Someone said this is only 6hours long, but I've had this game since Friday and I've played longer than 6 hours and I'm nowhere near half way through the game.
  • didnt like 1st kinda feels like the hulk game in a way...
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