Vigil's Jay Fitzloff Talks Darksiders II & Not Resting on Your Laurels

Dan Webb

The original Darksiders was a title that came out of nowhere. Brilliantly crafted and a joy to play. Considering that it was Vigil's first console title and it was an untried-and-untested new IP, we never saw it coming.

We recently caught up with Darksiders II's Producer, Jay Fitzloff, to talk about the evolution of the franchise and asked the question everyone was curious about... why a new main character? We touch upon the new aspects of the game, the creative freedom the art team had with the sequel, Vigil's relationship with THQ, and of course, even touched upon THQ's recent restructuring. And if the words of Fitzloff weren't delightful enough - they are - there's plenty of gameplay to feast upon as well. It's a win-win for you guys.

To see what we had to say in our latest preview, head over there right now. Like, this second.

  • Perfect amount of combat, traversal and puzzle solving. Collectors edition pre-ordered for this guy :)
  • Looks like it's going to be fantastic just like the first game!
  • the game seems totally alike to Prince of Persia
  • pre-ordered!
  • Loved the first, although am slightyly dissapointed with darksders 2 only cos of the ending of the 1st, was kinda hoping you would be all 4 horsemen but am definatly loving darkisders 2 hype, another plat coming i hope
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