Heller Uppercuts a Chopper in Latest Prototype 2 Video and Screens

Richard Walker

It's time for another miniscule 9-second video from Prototype 2 now, which shows another one of Sgt. James Heller's many outlandish finishing moves. This time, the raging, mutated Sergeant disposes of a thermobaric chopper in style, with a nice little uppercut move.

Grabbing onto the nose of the helicopter, Heller takes a swing, uppercuts it and sends it back-flipping through the air before exploding. It's yet more of Prototype 2's wish fulfillment that developer Radical Entertainment is hoping players will eat up with a big old spoon.

There's a few screenshots to go with the incredibly brief trailer, and you can view them all below. Sgt. Heller will be out for vengeance in New York Zero, when Prototype 2 launches on April 24th, 2012.

  • ACTIVISION is so cheap that they cant afford making longer videos!
  • I was really impressed by the anti-tank elbow-drop from the first game... didn't mean the game was any good. Sorry to be negative but if Radical had learned their lessons from before then they'd have something better to show than punching a chopper. I'm REALLY hoping this will be better but my blood ran cold when I saw one of those f-ing water towers in the last pic :(
  • I considered Prototype as my favourite Platinum due to its epic variety, compared to most story heavy Pt lists. The game play also exceeds all other games I played, including Infamous. Okay, Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank are really the only exceptions. In any case, the uppercut move shows we'll be treated with more of the same, and for a sequel to a great game, that's Gooooood!
  • @2 You "hoped theyd have something better to show than punching a chopper"? You are in luck. Theres a trophy for karate kicking a chopper, soooo.... =D @3 I agree on the variety for plat in the first. However, with the omission of challenges trophies in 2, its definitely not going to be as sweet a platty. Lots of random trophies, but no challenges. sads.
  • @ totally agree
  • lol, it was for @3
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