Here's 11 Reasons Why Activision Reckons You Should Buy Prototype 2

Lee Bradley

Activision has released a new trailer for Prototype 2, detailing the “Top 11 Reasons” you should but the game. Most of them include explosions. Lots and lots of lovely explosions.

Prototype 2 follows Sergeant James Heller on his mission to kill the first game’s protagonist, Alex Mercer, who he blames for killing his family and destroying New York. From the looks of the badass moves Heller pulls off in this trailer, Mercer better start running now. Check it out below, it’s pretty awesome.

Prototype 2 is due out on April 24th in North America and April 27th in Europe.

  • I can give one reason not to buy this game. ACTIVISION
  • wasnt going to coment but i have to give it comment #1, that was funny
  • @post 1 I was thinking the exact same thing thumbs up you said it all
  • I personally cant wait. The only thing im disappointed in is seeing the achievement/trophy list. No movement related trophy/cheevos. Thats sad. I loved the Movements in the first game, even though I got the Pt trophy glitch and had to do redo them all! Still, one of my favorite plattys.
  • @1 What's wrong with Activision?
  • @5 Where have you been??? O_o
  • #1 lol... exactly what cross my mind when i saw this in FB #5 i don't own 1 game by activision... they must have done something!
  • I'll still be buying this regardless of it being Activision, I really enjoyed the first game... and there's nothing wrong with Activision outside of the Call of Duty franchise, I mean, are people going to be boycotting The Amazing Spiderman game because it's published by Activision? If so that's sad, because it looks simply amazing...
  • @1 : Haha. I give you a thumbs up for that. :) I'm not a big fan of Activision either but it's Prototype and even if I'm still not completely convinced by this new one yet I think I'll give this game a try. The first one was really enjoyable.
  • Who cares if this was made by activision I rather buy this than Darksiders 2.
  • @10 a lot of people clearly
  • I agree EA/Activision are shit in general but they're the 2 biggest publishers in the world. Numbers alone tell me they're going to publish SOME of the shit I enjoy. So might as well get over it now.
  • ^Well said, T-Bone. =D
  • Sounds like begging to me if you're trying to tell people they "need" this game.
  • @14 Im pretty sure when their #11 reason you "need" [prototype2] is simply called "This...", they might not be being totally serious. More of a light-hearted marketing strategy. Plus, there is a trophy for karate kicking a helicopter in midair. So seriousness might not be their goal. =D
  • The real 11 reasons why Activision reckons we should buy Prototype 2: 1. They get our money. 2. They get our money. 3. They get our money. 4. They get our money. 5. They get our money. 6. They get our money. 7. They get our money. 8. They get our money. 9. They get our money. 10. They get our money. 11. They get our money.
  • some i do agree with about activision & ea there's one thing eish treyarch takes over activision and activision are rip offs any.. i have wasted money on C.o.D ELITE FOR PS3 SHOULD BE cheaper on ELITE ps3 get less then X-BOX that why i sold mw3 i got 100% trophies R.E ops raccoon city is better
  • Honestly. that´s a crap of trailer. if they try to sell with that. good luck you´ll need it. buuuuuut I love prototype if this is at least as good as the first one it´s a great game I´ll get it, and I read someone said it´s better than darksiders 2 well I support that but we have to see, I only know I´ll get both of them. ´cause I´m a damn gamer my goal wont be disturb for fan boys of games, publishers etc. do the same it will make you fell better lol
  • @#1 thumbs down from me. Coming on the comments sections just to say that is pure trolling. There is nothing wrong with Activision that is exclusive to them compared to other publishers. @#16 what you've listed there is eleven reasons why you're an idiot. How about you don't give them your money?
  • After the disaster that was Prototype, Prototype 2 will be no different. I prefer Infamous and Infamous 2.
  • I really enjoyed Prototype and will eventually get Prototype 2, but ... this trailer is pathetic.
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