Two Prototype 2 US Pre-Order Incentives Announced For Amazon & Best Buy

Richard Walker

It's a Prototype 2 double-whammy now, as firstly, Activision and Radical have announced a couple of US pre-order bonuses for Amazon and Best Buy, and secondly, there's some screens and videos showing new hero Sgt. James Heller smashing up tanks and helicopter gunships.

Pre-ordering Prototype 2 at will let you get your tendrils on a code to download the Prototype 2: The Anchor comic book from Dark Horse, which details the downward spiral of Prototype 1's Alex Mercer, who also serves as Prototype 2's antagonist. A pre-order from Best Buy meanwhile, will bag you an exclusive steelbook case edition of the game, as well as the Hardened Steel Vehicle Armour upgrade.

And of course, all pre-orders will earn you the Prototype 2 RADNET Edition, which offers 55 pieces of DLC that'll be released across seven weeks post-launch. Check out the trailers and screenshots below to see Heller in action, destroying military vehicles, then look out for Prototype 2 this April.

  • Got Milk?
  • Looks exacly the same as the first one.. with better graphics, I hope this time we'll get a better storyline also. And whats up with the 9 seconds trailers?
  • @2 cuz they are not trailers they are demo clips >_>
  • Just put the DLC in the game already..It's not going to take 7 weeks to finish the story so you won't even get to use most of the DLC. Basically everyone gets an unfinished game that buys it on release day unless you wait 7 weeks to start playing it..fucking retarded.
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