Armored Core V Doomsday Trailer Encourages You To Come Heavy...

Richard Walker

With Armored Core V just over a month away from launch, Namco Bandai has released a new trailer today, encouraging players to come heavy or not at all, whatever that means.

Blending live-action and gameplay, the new 'Doomsday' video paints a bleak picture of a world ravaged by war and big stompy robots, with missiles, explosions and other projectiles flying all over the place.

Watch the new trailer below, then prepare for heavy metal war when Armored Core V releases on March 20th in North America and March 23rd in Europe.

  • Haha, loved the first "Doomsday" drop with the gargantuan tank. Too bad the actual gameplay still looks like PS1 in HD (graphic, gameplay and style wise). I'll prolly rather wait for Hawken or wait till it's cheaper than 15€ and get it just to customize mechs.
  • The concept for this game is quality, Mech war on a grand scale. However the gameplay for these kind of games always lets me down...
  • @1 Yeah I see what you mean its when you see the rows of helicopter it does look tacky and @2 yes I also like the concept but it does look a bit PS2ish to me always liked the different ways you could customise mechs and changing the weapons etc I think they should bring out a Gundam Wing version like this rather than their usual beat em ups
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