Final Fantasy XIII-2 'Opponent: Lightning & Amodar' DLC Coming to PSN This Week

Richard Walker

Square Enix has just hurled a press release our way, announcing that Final Fantasy XIII-2's first Coliseum Battle is now available from the US PlayStation Store and will be coming to the EU Store on February 8th, leading the way with a DLC pack entitled 'Opponent: Lightning & Amodar'.

The new add-on enables you to take on Lieutenant Amodar, who is an elite member of Cocoon's specialist military, Guardian Corps; and Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning. You'll be able to battle both characters via the DLC, and should you defeat them, you can add them to your party.

There'll be more packs like these on the way offering more Coliseum Battles to tackle and more characters to add to your team. You can purchase the Opponent: Lightning & Amodar pack from the US PlayStation Store today for $2.99 and from the EU PlayStation Store tomorrow for £1.59/€1.99.

  • Only £1.59. At least their not charging an arm and a leg for it. This might actually be some good cheap DLC.
  • so if we defeat Lightning & Amodar we can play throw the story with them + how hard are they going to be.....:(
  • I hope you can fully develop her instead of her just being a RAV or COM but I'm guessing it will be the later. Sucks as I'll have to replace my Narasimha Behemoth that I just captured :(
  • I'm guessing she is not too difficult to defeat as her stagger is only 300% and Noel and Serah have her health down about 30% using a Spiceacillan and they both have less than 1,000 HP. She does apparently start the game having used a Fortisol however :D
  • How does this effect the story mode if we buy this DLC if we don’t have it done?
  • THIS IS AWESOME! THE Coliseum BATTLES HOPEFULLY WILL BE LIKE FF10. Maybe there'll be a tomberry you can exploit and level up your roles. AWESOME BRING MORE DLC SQUARE-ENIX. I want to play the DLC, I'll buy all the skin packs. This is probably the only game I want to buy all the DLC off. I never bought costume pcks for street fighter but here yes sir! MORE MORE! MUAHAHAH
  • Lol, it's a shame there using a Xbox though : (
  • im just about to start chapter 5 n i thought id b able 2 beat omega i was wrong :(
  • Hmm... I'm not sure I like the idea of DLC in a Final Fantasy game... I mean, shouldn't it be... final? D: Now I have a dilemma, do I wait and hope they bring out a version of the game with all the DLC packed in, or do I man up, buy the game, and spend a fuck ton of money buying all the DLC they'll no doubt release? I mean, if the rest of the DLC is like this, it means we're not getting screwed over in the UK, it's pretty cheap, but it'll all add up once they go insane and release tons of packs, lol...
  • I love the idea of this DLC, and it's a fair price for some extra content But I don't like the idea of being able to add these characters to the party BEFORE the story is complete! I think Lightning being in the party sort of rules out the need to find her right? ;) Hopefully they've made it so you can't beat them until much later on in the game. I for one am going to complete the story, and buy these DLCs while I 100% it
  • This DLC looks amazing. Completely off topic but i love how everyone ignored Sony wanting to change the name service to SEN and even Mr Walker called it PSN. In closing "SEN" sucks, it'll always be "PSN" to me.
  • At #10 actually if you listened to that what the Arbitrator of Time was going on and on about, especially if you visited him a second time, it all makes sense. You technically are not using the Lightning you are trying to be reunited with... you are using a Lightning from a different time. A Lightning who is in search of a way to save her sister Serah, so being able to spend time with albeit a different Serah, a Serah nonetheless who is searching for her sister must appeal to Lightning... at least that's the way I took it.
  • Not sure what to think about this... playing Lightning in this game doesnt make any sense as she is in her crystal stasis.. oh well.. might buy it, i will see.
  • I take it they will be like your recruitable monsters and they are fixed to one role, I presume lightning's feral link will be 'Army of One', now that would be overkill, certainly getting this tomorrow!!!
  • So far this DLC is sounding decent :).
  • oh, good surprise that 3 dollars doesnt become 3 euros, i'm getting it tomorrow no doubt and waiting for noel ezio costume
  • Will Tifa Lockheart be available in later DLC? :D
  • This is really great! I am really hoping for Squal, Tidus and Zidane. :) It would also be really cool to see a current gen Steiner!
  • £1.50 u can't grumble at that can you really. I like the game, not te best in my oppinion but I'd be willing to spend £1.50, jesus some premium themes cost that so defo worth it in my eyes :) good pricing sqeenix keep it up :)
  • Is it just me or is it not popping up in the psn store?? Is anybody else having this problem??
  • Awesome !!! Cannot wait to dl this !!
  • Wow... I did think the standards could get lower, but then I come here and see a bunch of bred cattle. All ready for the slaughter house. Two dollars at a pop "never" feels like a lot, but considering this is more then likely all ready on disc and was just locked out as DRM and to squander even more cash from the surrounding suckers.. I mean consumers. They are willing to literally charge two dollars just for a pathetic battle and at a dollar a character I can only imagine how, much they will charge for addition missions, or story. What a crock of shit. Final Fantasy XIII (1/3 of the game it was suppose to be.) Final Fantasy XIII-2 (A "supposed" apology to the fans, but still ends up being only a third of what was originally promised, and allows Square-Enix to squander cash of the able body morons... Again "consumer", and with readily availble DRM already set aside as "DLC" they maximize their profits.) Woohoo! Well, I can standards are clearly on the decline. (-_-) Nulls...
  • @22 You're ludicrous, you know that. First point...this DLC is not already on the disc. Second, this game is fantastic, if you actually give it a chance (I'm pegging you for a FFVII fanboy already). Third...I don't care if it's 10 bucks...I'll pay whatever it takes to keep SE in business of making some of the best video games on the market. Even if that does put me under the scrutiny of people like yourself. I'm a consumer, and a proud FF fan, and I'll be damned if I'll let you call people who buys their DLC "able body morons."
  • Lightning is hot. - Just putting out there.
  • Nice price and comments. Surprised FF13 never got DLC, exciting to see how it will pan out for 13-2.
  • look its something that should of been added into thet game to start,,, Wait i meant not cut out for extra $$$. looks like yet another 80% complete game for $60.00 then another $30.00 DLC . come on plz.
  • @22 your a muppet. This isn't exactly £14 rip off CoD maps that should have been included in the game. It's £1.50 for a couple of characters. Stop trolling and get a life
  • @22, u r a twat. Bet u play cod and always buy the stupid map packs!!! If u didn't like the game and don't want the dlc do us a favour and take your comments elsewhere. Every game has dlc nowadays, if u dont want to purchase it then dont. I am defo getting this after I have finished work today, it's an awesome game!!!!
  • @22 your crying over $1 dlc. what u want it to be $15? anyway loved the 1st and when i get a new ps3 im buying this dlc.
  • I beat them and I didnt get them on my team. Did this happen to anyone else??
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