Prototype 2: RADNET Edition To Offer Shedload of Free Content

Richard Walker

Activision and Radical Entertainment are offering a special treat for early adopters of Prototype 2 with a limited quantity of the Prototype 2: RADNET Edition at launch, which contains a one-time use code printed on the manual that'll grant access to a huge array of additional bonus content.

There'll be a total of 55 pieces of content released for Prototype 2 across seven weeks with the RADNET code, following the game's launch in April, with items including in-game events and challenges, as well as a host of rewards including bonus Mutations for the Prototype 2's campaign, dynamic PS3 XMB themes, behind-the-scenes videos and more.

And should you decide to take part in all of RADNET's weekly events and challenges, you can unlock the ultimate shape-shifting mutation, which will be revealed in March 2012. The Prototype 2: RADNET Edition will be available while supplies last, so check out the video below to see if it appeals to you.

Prototype 2 is out on April 24th in North America and April 27th in Europe.

  • free stuff always welcome. now lets hope this limited edition pack last long enough for people to take advantage of it (better not be an online retailer deal only like
  • There'll be a total of 55 pieces of content released for Prototype 2 across seven weeks with the RADNET code CoD Elite much?? activision need $$$ again..
  • Free as in 'if you buy at full retail price' :)
  • Meh, was stung by the first game so will be waiting for reviews, regardless of the number of carrots being dangled. If the standard edition is only going to be half-a-game I can't see the point really
  • I'm really not sure I like all this 'extra stuff for paying more money' malarky. I remember the days when you paid your money and you got the whole game in return. Not to mention the fact developers actually had to finish their games before releasing them thanks to the lack of the online update get-out clause.
  • they should call it prototype top tier nobody will see the similarity
  • most games offer this type of shit for free without the a limited number of special additions. Activision just keeps going downhill. After MW3 i won't even be purchasing that shit anymore.
  • Well at least it's free if you buy new, unlike a certain game by THQ with 40 weeks of content that you're expected to shell out extra for every time.
  • "limited" = PRstunt
  • If I buy this game day one I don't want content that I have to wait seven weeks for when I will be well and truly finished with this game , give it to me on day one. Another cheap tactic to keep people playing a game past the first week. Here's a thought...make a game I want to keep playing.
  • I don't know I think this is the right approach. Better than paying for online passes, or paying to unlock content. I would rather see incentives to purchase the game new, at launch. I believe this is the way for the industry to counteract piracy, and used games. Give meaningful bonuses to those who buy new, but don't punish later adopters with crippled content. Won't be buying the game anyway, but would like to see more of this approach.
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